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  1. I think quite a few of those good ol rockers were classical dropouts...

    When I am working' date=' I normally is :D I listen to very hard rock, Rammstein, Metalica, Iron Maiden and those guys... Recently I stumbled up on a band I didn't even knew existed (I have the cutest young girl friend (unfortunately not girlfriend) who got me interested in this band) - if You do not know them - say hello to X-Japan...

    This one I like to listen to, I haven't got a clue about the lyrics - even partly english :D

    [url']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH-dWu0e13k - from 1997 "Last live" sadly a few month later the guitarist Hide killed himself by accident...

    But here is a new version of the band, some (critics) say more commercial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi6R1tVGk60

    enjoy :)

    Cheers, but I still haven't gotten round to listening to Bat for Lashes I recently downloaded...

    Accidentally kill yourself? Is that even possible?

    "Yes officer, he accidentally put the gun to his own head and quite accidentally pulled the trigger. Just one of those freaky accidents."

  2. So, you saw two girls walk in wearing the (real) designer duds, the expensive shoes, hair perfectly coiffed, etc, then saw them take their cameras out and ask the staff to take pictures of them playing pool. Your back was to them but you could hear them laughing hysterically trying to draw attention to themselves, when they missed shots. Saw them making pouty faces and entirely staged and exaggerated movements when, as you said your back was to them. Looking through the few mirrors, you got a better view because you could see them when they thought nobody was looking, and could see their eyes scan the room to see if their latest antics had drawn any attention and saw one girl quit playing and walk into a spot where she could be seen by everyone and started texting away. You saw her friend playing against one of the staff, where, after every shot, she would walk over to see what her friend was doing and strike a mechanical looking model pose. And, with your back to them you could watch them watching the pool hall seeing if they were "impressing" anyone.

    It must have been a real strain to pay them so little heed.

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