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    PiAnt got a reaction from chef_claudio in Thailand: Is The Party Over For Now? The Effect Of The Curfew On Tourism   
    I was beginning to think you wouldn't get back on that one.
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    PiAnt got a reaction from FarangFarang in Thailand: Is The Party Over For Now? The Effect Of The Curfew On Tourism   
    I was beginning to think you wouldn't get back on that one.
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    PiAnt got a reaction from kaunitz in You had beter not fuck with English teachers anymore   
    Score one for justice.
    There was a quite recent incident where a US student committed suicide as a result of school bullies. I'm sure there are many such incidents.
    If he hadn't been found not guilty, it would have been an absolute travesty. Tantamount to saying that you can't fight back when you snap, but you can kill yourself.
    Frankly, the types who perpetrate this kind of thing should be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible, publicly shamed and their parents also prosecuted for producing such vile offspring.
    (Some people's only talent appears to be an ability to produce kids they can't be arsed to bring up properly.)
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    PiAnt got a reaction from kaunitz in The Worlds Youngest Transexual?   
    A straight bloke asking why a bloke is gay is like asking why one bloke thinks one colour is better than another.
    Of course for some that doesn't mean it can't be disgust...
    The real issue is why some people can't just worry about their own **** and let others get on with theirs.

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    PiAnt got a reaction from kaunitz in Shit Asian Girls Say   
    If that's an Asian bird, we're all in treeeeeeeeeouble.
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    PiAnt reacted to English_Bob in Facebook crossfire hits US Embassy   
    TF Admins are Yankee faggots.
    In my opinion.
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    PiAnt got a reaction from Bware in Am I in the right place?   
    Not just ja, we've also got poofters, muffters, wooley woofters; nonces, ponces, budding Beyonces; pratts, twats, doormats; hits, ****, full of shits; crappers, tappers, think themselves dappers; bossers, dossers, utter tossers; posers, dozers, Songkran hosers; arseholes, hyperboles, not many Poles; zealots, idiots, tall blonde pilots; bankers, wankers, ham shankers; shitheads, pissheads, complete dickheads; tosspots, pisspots, talkalots; smellies, dehlis, big beer bellies; cranks, lanks, hail from Mancs; darters, martyrs, silent farters; walkers, talkers, one or two stalkers; noobs, Moobs, all sized boobs; cleaners, weeners, self preeners; clods, mods, sexy bods; preachers, leechers, wannabe English teachers; ballers, callers, from grace fallers; admins, hidden sins, double chins; sky divers, scube divers, muff divers; birds, nerds, tourist goatherds; darlings, Carlings, Hobbit haflings; sunners, funners, on the runners; kon Jeens, Indochines, but no Colleens.
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    PiAnt reacted to Chatty in วันศุกร์นี่วันหยุดไหม   
    ก้อหยุดนะ จะไปเที่ยวสังขละบุรี อยู่ที่กาญจนบุรี
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    PiAnt reacted to BuabaaBambie in วันศุกร์นี่วันหยุดไหม   
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    PiAnt reacted to bigKus in วันศุกร์นี่วันหยุดไหม   
    วันศุกร์นี้หยุดเนื่องจากเป็นวันมาฆะบูชา (วันเพ็ญ เดือนสาม) คนไทยน้ำใจงาม วันเพ็ญเดือนสาม มาทำบุญกัน วันเพ็ญเดือนสามมาทำบุญกัน...
    พี่แอ้นท์ อย่าลืมพาครอบครัวไปเวียนเทียนที่วัดด้วยนะ หลังจากที่พักผ่อน เล่นคอมแล้ว
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    PiAnt reacted to Admin_2 in Hi everyone..   
    Or try one of the "no smoking" events.
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    PiAnt got a reaction from Stramash in Can you guys please help me to translate this?   
    Well, although it's written with Thai letters, it's actually karaoke spelling for tequila, much like my name is spelled แอนท์ (Ant), or writing Krungthep (and expecting it to mean something in English).
    Once you get your head round it, you will see that many words are actually English words written in Thai. Practice by reading shop signs, road signs etc.
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    PiAnt got a reaction from pandorea in English idioms game.   
    Masturbating (probably a bloke).
    Lending an ear
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    PiAnt got a reaction from admin in North Africa!!!   
    Go Rebels!!!
    Now I'm not averse to a dictator if his heart's in the right place, but the North African's have obviously had enough **** already.
    And good on them.
    Not like it doesn't happen all over the place, but it seems that its the North Africans that've snapped first.
    Now all we need is for the US militias to put their balls where their mouths are and do the same.
    (Same for the UK of course, but we're too used to queuing for ****.)
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