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  1. bobbyboy112003


    Oh yeah, I hear ya Rob. As a matter of fact, I keep hearing Mel ask when are we all hanging out again lol Hey Bill, he knows he's welcome anytime:cool:
  2. Welcome to Thailandfriends, enjoy :)

  3. bobbyboy112003


    hahaha I guess you have a point Bill!
  4. bobbyboy112003


    Hi there
  5. Hi Bobby

    Long time no see and long time since onTF

    Plans to go to Pattaya september -> March/April 2012

    I got a 2 rooms there and its easier to get around in TH vs to Chiang Mai

    where I've been every year since 2006/07

    My plans goes on Exploring Eastern TH from Nong Khai in North

    all the way down south to Rayong area/region.

    Get a retirement visa - now I have to find out how thats working

    Normal I have had T/R 3 entries = equal to around 6 month

    but had trouble the last time - only get 15 day on walk over Mae Sai

    north of Chiang Mai - and even trouble to get out of Thailand

    on the way back home

    My email still [email protected] or private mail [email protected]

    Best regards

    Igasoq aka Rene in Greenland

  6. Simply beautiful!!!
  7. Had a great time and great to see all of you there...even you Ciaran
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