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  1. Hapi New Year 2012... May we all enjoy success and peace in all that we do in the coming new year and beyond. Wishing everyone here all the best... ^^ New year resolutions anyone? For me, it is to get a better sense of self-awareness, so that I can be more confident of what I really want out of my life ultimately, and subsequently attain greater peace of life and greater certainty about what I want most about myself. How about you lovely people? =)
  2. Hazel

    :( Not Again!!!

    Hi Dave, thanks for your response. That may be a good idea... N agree that sometimes it's not easy to find someone whom we like and who is sincere about us too... So you did come back to TF once in a while haha! ^^
  3. I know, I know, ok, hahahaha... Anyhow, the previous post was made half in jest!
  4. Santa owes me big time this year. I did not get that scholarship, that million dollar lottery price, nor the 15-day Thailand/Laos trip... 5555555
  5. Hazel

    :( Not Again!!!

    Dan, thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I know what you mean and that there's no 100% or perfect men out there. I don't need perfect men or 100% (cos I know they don't exist) - I just don't want to fall in love with the "wrong" type of guys and be hurt again It seems that more often than not, I am still having the hots for the wrong type of guys (the kind who will never love me in return wholeheartedly). I just don't know why. Maybe my brain is still programmed offttrack, I wonder? Just the other day, I saw on my FBK that my guyfriend is touring alone with his female friend (whom he labelled as his BFF). Alone with her! I'm so envious. Envious that some guys and some gals just have all the luck to have someone of the opposite sex as their BFF n get away with it. But for me, no such luck too I'm also mindful that I have just turned 30 this year. What this means to me is that most guys my age or older are either already married or in a steady relationship, or else I have to go for the younger guys. N we all know that however we may try to explain it away, it remains a phenomenon that guys (be them younger or older) mostly prefer to have younger gals as their partners. So there's that thing too.
  6. Hazel

    :( Not Again!!!

    Thanks Soda sweets for your kind words of encouragement. Hopefully all will turn out well in the end...
  7. Hazel

    :( Not Again!!!

    Heinz, thanks for your response. Actually, I really felt that I have already missed the boat on at least two occasions, and each of the two guys is already happily married. On the first occasion, I was 17 and dating a 16YO younger guy. At that time, I had really low self-esteem (sometimes I still have low self-esteem today), and worried that he is not really loving me and that he will soon leave me for a younger girl. Moreover, I was still pretty much in denial of my own feelings and dreams at that time, and left him within a few weeks for an older guy who was a wild party animal (and of course, the older guy and I also broke up soon after). At that time, I was too ashamed to admit to the younger BF that I still wanted to party very hard cos he was really a good BF to me, treating me as a real person and serious with me, so I cooked up a lie and tell him that I was "just" returning to my ex BF who came back to me cos he kept asking me why we seemed to be getting on well but why I suddenly wanted to break up with him. In the end, it appeared that my mistrust in him about leaving me for a younger girl was unfounded cos a couple of years or so after we broke up, he dated another older girl (my age) and is now happily married to her for some years. He is definitely one BF I really feel I have not fully cherished cos there were too many fears in me of being let down and used again. But it's too late...
  8. Hazel

    :( Not Again!!!

    Bill, thanks for telling about this philosophy. I have to say I do agree with it. Even if it is just our imagination and is not alway true, it still makes me feel better. Anyway, I think he has given up after I rejected to be his GF twice, and is now focused on chasing other skirts haha. Better for me this way I guess cos each time we met, I always feel so happy. But each time when we parted way for home, I am so depressed and my mind wanders wild about how much the things he said to me were just to play with my feelings. A advised me it is better for me not to meet up with him anymore and also that to just let him be if he does not want to contact me anymore. I guess so, but you know how my head n my heart doesn't match at times... Hopefully, a blessing in disguise one of these days after all these ^^
  9. Hazel

    :( Not Again!!!

    Excuse me, lovely people, be back to respond to all your other advice of concern; gota go kitchen and do some stuff
  10. Oh, that's so naughty and unkind of her One of my guyfriends here is black and many people, including myself, agree that he is one of the nicest, most helpful guy that there is
  11. Hi Ciaran, I forgot to tell you that I joined many months ago the online news source you asked us to but I could not find our bookclub :(

  12. Merry Xmas babe...
  13. First, I wana say that I only read the first two pages of comments before I jumped here to reply. I am of Southeast Asian ethnicity, although I am not Thai. I honestly can tell you I do not mind a black guy as my BF or husband, although I have never dated one before, for no reason than that none of them has ever tried to date me and I don't know any black guyfriends until this year. However, I remembered one conversation I had with a childhood galfriend over dinner almost 10 years ago. We were talking about the type of guys we will like to date and it eventually got around to her asking me whether when I said I do not mind the race, whether it included "black men". I told her yes, including black men. And it was my first encounter as to how people can still be so racially-minded, EVEN one's own childhood friends.
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