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    Hazel got a reaction from kaunitz in Will You Ever Stay in Overstay? :P   
    I just discovered that Teila posted an event held at Overstay a few mths ago... So probably this place is not that much of a slum as we imagine! 5555
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    Hazel got a reaction from kaunitz in Shit Asian Girls Say   
    Hahahha funny ^^
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    Hazel reacted to SKYWARRIOR in Any Chance of Floods In Jan?   
    Good question, as I am planning on returning to Thailand in January, after the holidays here. With the reports stating that the flooding could take up to 6 weeks to recede, that would put BKK being dry somewhere in mid December.
    My sincere condolences to the Thai people enduring this situation. Cant imagine the scope of this tragedy.
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    Hazel reacted to Teila in Will You Ever Stay in Overstay? :P   
    Came across some event happening at this place on Saturday (30 July)
    If you were in BKK that would be a perfect chance for you to go check it out!!
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    Hazel got a reaction from kaunitz in One question   
    Iain must be a clam or mussel reborn!!!! :D
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    Hazel reacted to Stramash in Re: URGENT!!! Advice Needed, Pls, THX!!!! =(   
    Agree with Dave totally. First date (or three) should be on neutral territory. If there is a relationship from this, then he has loads of time to show off his Gordon Ramsay skills (sans profanity) : )
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    Hazel reacted to English_Bob in Re: URGENT!!! Advice Needed, Pls, THX!!!! =(   
    Oh... he's a mature woman? That's a whole other story.
    My advice was purely from a safety point of view. Going to a relatively unknown person's house is risky. I wouldn't be offended if a girl asked to meet me in a neutral place.
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    Hazel reacted to LakeGeneve in Chatroom & Danger..   
    Every woman in every circumstance should expect and receive sympathy if things go awry in such a context even if she is the silliest person on earth. What sort of heartless world do you live in when people who make mistakes or entertain a reasonable expectation of another person, suffer and are not accorded any sympathy? That is a very harsh view in any circumstances.
    Nearly, everyone on a daily basis ignores advice and is blind to warnings official regarding and suggested protocols ones conduct in all aspects of life.
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    Hazel reacted to admin in Chatroom & Danger..   
    That's comforting. I'll sleep with one eye open :-)
    I'll second what LG said. In every murder investigation the very first people the police try to eliminate as potential suspects are friends, family, boy/girlfriends, co-workers, etc. A large percentage of murders are not random acts of violence by a random deranged maniac. They're usually someone the victim knew.
    Here's a little bit I pulled from a site posting some stats on murders:
    Although it would be better if they could define the other 43.9% of cases, in general, you're more likely to be killed by someone in your own family than you are by a total stranger.
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    Hazel got a reaction from Chang Doe in Stupid Questions - Add Yours   
    Almost every thread I go now (is it just me that's thinking this way?), the same story is happening and happening and happening... Dear Admins, please bring in the peacemakers for the boys... How long is this going to go on...
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