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  1. Hey i found your post where you are looking for some people to hang out with! My name is Sally. I'm Thai but going to fly to the US. its gonna be nice if we can be friends and you will give me some advice for living in the State. Hope to hear from you soon.



  2. Hello, My friend is really in need of money like really need it If you would like to help her please call 090-105-5998 or if you knows anyone please tell them Thank you, I'm sorry if this post interrupting everyone here. But she really has lots of troubles and she wants me to do this for her cos all she needs right now is quick money to clear all problems. Thanks for understanding
  3. Hi, I'm Thai 26 years old lives in Nonthaburi. I'm seeking a part time job in tourism field (any others are welcomed) Good command of written and spoken English, Energetic, Positive attitude and fun personality. I look forward to hear from any of you soon Best, Sally
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