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  1. khun sabai dee mai khrap? khun suay maak. my name is bill. i'm really interested in getting to know you if your interested. would you like to chat and get to know each other? take care

    1. 55555


      He's married and has no job.u do t want him.he lives with mom

  2. hello.. how are you?

  3. หวัดดีครับ ไม่เคยเล่นก็เลยลองกดเข้ามาดู


    ชื่อ ออม นะครับ


  4. Hello,

    I'm Tommy hard working fun loving guy :) I joined this site today as im Heading to Bangkok in july and would like to make friends before i arrive as i'm not into the whole crazy night scene, would really appreciate to get to know you as a person and hopefully as a friend. x

  5. hi how are you ?

    like to make freinds add me

  6. Hi,

    lets be friends, planning to visit BKK

    cani have ur facebook or yahoo


  7. Sawadee Khrap Khun Laphatrada.. Sabai dee mai??

  8. was just browsing and saw you. whatsup.

  9. hello..:) how u doing?

  10. hello :) how are you?

    You are beautiful

    Would you liketo chat on msn? wb

  11. sawasdee ka ^__^

    my name is mot!!

    just wanna be friend with you naka i am nice na haha looking for friends someone to talk with that's all

    takecare >__

  12. Hey I liked your pictures a lot.. I am looking for a nice and good looking girl for dating if you want to know more about me and interested reply me back.

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