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  1. Oh dear, hope she gets well soon! :( Tat must be reli painful!

  2. I put take photo later, my gf get hit by a car and nose broken... well its better now but i think i take better photos us late, dont worry ewerything is ok.

  3. :) Cute!!!

    Why not put the photo of u and ur gf? I tot I can see haha!:)

  4. Have a nice day and go check my photos, theres a couple new one. ;)

  5. I think that sounds a great plan, hope all goes well.

  6. :) Hi Juha, I b there til end of this year, then going back for Chinese New Year, then do one more year if all goes well haha...
  7. Hello wery much Yan, how long u r going to be in land of kangaroos?

  8. :) One vote for Juha...

    Hee, I don't tink next year I can make it cos will try to stretch my dollar by travelling within Oz first! ;P

  9. Hehe, it means that we have to check how our money situation is going, hows our work, my girlfriend studies, etc...

    Things can change sometimes pretty quickly, but what about u Yan, when u come Finland? Next winter, we go skiing in ice of sea? Kekekekeke :);)

  10. :) Erm, what's "all my plans are ruined and we look better in September"?
  11. No, she is Finland and from horse stable, i think all my plans are ruined, kekekeke, we look better in september...

  12. :) Good for you, Juha and congratz!!! Is she a Thai and from TF?

    Yes, I'm still in Oz, you planning any holiday trips with her to Down Under? ;)

  13. Im so good, i hope u have a nice morning today...

  14. Yes im back, i have been in work and i found my self a bautifull girlfriend so all my time i have been with her ;) i love her so much and ewerything...

    Are u stil in Australia?

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