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  1. I put take photo later, my gf get hit by a car and nose broken... well its better now but i think i take better photos us late, dont worry ewerything is ok.

  2. Have a nice day and go check my photos, theres a couple new one. ;)

  3. I think that sounds a great plan, hope all goes well.

  4. Hello wery much Yan, how long u r going to be in land of kangaroos?

  5. Hehe, it means that we have to check how our money situation is going, hows our work, my girlfriend studies, etc...

    Things can change sometimes pretty quickly, but what about u Yan, when u come Finland? Next winter, we go skiing in ice of sea? Kekekekeke :);)

  6. No, she is Finland and from horse stable, i think all my plans are ruined, kekekeke, we look better in september...

  7. Im so good, i hope u have a nice morning today...

  8. Yes im back, i have been in work and i found my self a bautifull girlfriend so all my time i have been with her ;) i love her so much and ewerything...

    Are u stil in Australia?

  9. U have change ur name? Hehehe

  10. Its almost summer in here, warm and no snow, im feeling great :)

  11. Happy and nice morning for u and thank u for ur promises to help me :)

  12. Cars are just cars, always broke down something, hehe :), anyway just need to fix it i will always have a money problem, its nothing new.

    Im feeling good and its nice morning here... Have a nice day foe u :)

  13. http://www.jkrishnamurti.org/index.php

    Have ever hear Jiddu Krishnamurti?He is a great teacher, i give u the link because u have a better english than i have. If u like u can tell people more about him or something. I was just thinking that u might like his teachings.

    I have many books on him and founding there a lot of help in my life.

  14. I will keep my Tai Chi in my life, no matter how busy i am. Thanks for the link that "Budha lost children"! The monk is great, i have seen the movie, i like it very much! U have allways great blogs! :)

  15. I have seen that movie, someday i will go to meet that monk, he make me a good impress. Thanks for that, i will ask u how i found that monk directly.
  16. Nice and beautifull tuesday vote for u, i have too much problems again :), my car is broke down again, brake or something ( still driving), computer problems and need more money to repair the car, horsies are easier... :)

  17. Vote back for u smiley girl :)

  18. Thank u Windy for ur beautifull messages, i have been quite busy lately, computer problems etc, but ihavent forget my Tai Chi, but too busy man now...

  19. Dear Yan, have a nice weekend! :)

  20. No problem and u r not late, u have greeting me over month ago :) :)

    Best day for u my poem friend!

  21. Im happy too, life feel so geed at the moment! :) :) Hope u had happy day today!

  22. Yan, i got new work! Im working in farmschool, theres plenty of horsies and ppl learn there horse skills. I was actually there for talking how to get me study there and same way i talk myself in for work! Im so happy!

    And my son is doing good, im so proud of him! :)

  23. So nice to hear something for ya!

  24. Yan, i have to do something here, my son use computer too much so i have to change passwords. I also have to put television away, my son dont so anything else than just watch tv or playing games in computer.

    I have to make moves, he dont care anything, laundry is on the floor, his papers around the table, he dont listen to me so i have do it hard way.

    He come back here sunday so im sure we are going to have a big fight, but if he wants to be here he have respect my home and have to take care his busines, other vise he cant live here.

    It is not easy to be father, i just mean that maybe im not here TF for awhile, just want to tell u just in case u miss me :) hehehehe

    Wish me luck!

  25. Something like that Yan, something like that.

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