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  1. Hey how are you?? long time no hear from you :)

  2. SHE IS MY COLLEAGUE ... I JUST WANT TO HELP HER TO RASIE MONEY FOR CANCER RESEARCH. http://www.justgiving.com/Caroline-Ingle/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=Caroline-Ingle&utm_campaign=pfp-share
  3. sweetie0987

    Doi Angkang

    Hi there, I am planning to go to Doi Angkang this coming December but no idea about that ... anyone been there before and any suggestions? I prefer tent
  4. thanks Andy_bkk. I just sent him message this morning to ask him about the name of his company , website and also the title of the movie. I got pics from him too but I don't know how to upload here .. o_O
  5. Yesterday Jimmy Lim Hi, do you offer a one day or two day Thai Traditional dance lesson? We're a Hong Kong movie company, a movie star is coming over to Thailand on 20th Oct to 28th, do you think it's possible? [*]about an hour ago Thai Dancing in Bangkok Sorry I am not yet clear about your question. Did you mean to take class? or do you want a group of the dancer to be a part of your movie? [*]about an hour ago Jimmy Lim Thanks for yr reply. I'm planning if you can teach the movie star traditional thai dancing for just 3 to 4 hours, and you all will be in front of the camera & will be in part of the movie. Of course we'll pay for everything. We're planning on 25th Oct in the morning time. [*]48 minutes ago Thai Dancing in Bangkok may I ask that what kind of movie? as you are going to make a movie about Thai ... and also the location that you plan to come [*]6 minutes ago Thai Dancing in Bangkok by the way , i can teach Thai Dance to your movie star but i need more information about your company and also your movie. Thanks
  6. Pai is too busy for me....there are too many tourists there. I preferred Pang-ung (it's also in Maehongsorn). The best time to go there is October as there are not too many people and lovely weather during that time. Here is a link to see https://www.google.com/search?q=pang-ung&rlz=1C1SKPM_enTH487TH487&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=DAw3UrXFLsjArAeb3YGABg&ved=0CEwQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=685&dpr=1
  7. Kob khun kha funky_house.
  8. Thx a lot kha
  9. aha... I am talking about this one ... http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/samsung-galaxy-s4-s4-active-sports-armband-black-p38617.htm but I think that I still have to run away from those guys
  10. Thanks FarangFarang, I already checked it out at sport zone at Central Phraram 9 .. they don't have it and they told me it's called 'armchair' :confused: btw, I will try to go another sport shop ..
  11. Is there anyone using sport armband? ... I would like to know where can I buy it? A good quality and also not too expensive one... I have checked it at Fortune IT Mall today .. it's about 750-800 bht. which I think the price is quite a little too high.....any suggestions?
  12. Thanks JP I will check it out
  13. Does anyone have any suggestions for travelling to Taiwan? I I am going there next month and gonna spend time there for about 3 nights 4 days .... but still don't know much about it... I have a look at Suriyan chanthra Lake in Nantou (it's in the middle) and I am not so sure if it's really far from Taipei? for the rough planning ... i might spend over a night there at the airport as I will get there at around 11.00 pm and start the trip in early morning of next day ... thinking about going to Nantou ... but still don't know yet ... I also wanna know the living cost there .... like if i travel by bus or train ..or how do i get place to place??
  14. sweetie0987

    Hi all,

    @sindymar: thanks a lot for your suggestion ... I do need to edit the video clip as I will have to show it to the kids .. thanks
  15. sweetie0987

    Hi all,

    yeah thanks for your advice Rob
  16. sweetie0987

    Hi all,

    thanks all I am planning to teach them about what is 'Khon'? and also about the character like ... there are 4 main characters which are ... Giant , Monkey , Actor (phra-ram) and Actress (Sii-da) .. and the next lesson they will learn about the Mask .. like which one is Giant or which one is monkey .. next lesson will be about the gestures of the dance ... after all ... I will show them an episode of Khon ... ...to make sure they can apply what they learn in watching khon ......... all my students will have to study this as a culture class (it's already in the Thai curriculum). But I am not so sure what to put in my lesson... just want to make sure it's not too much for them.
  17. sweetie0987

    Hi all,

    sorry ... but mai kao jai kha
  18. great video ... love it
  19. sweetie0987

    Hi all,

    @funky_house: thank you and yes for the movements I will put in lesson 5
  20. sweetie0987

    Hi all,

    Hi all, Can anyone please help me (give me ideas) as I need some information for my IS. The subject of my IS is THAI TEXTBOOK ON “KHON†FOR TEACHING THAI CULTURE TO YEAR 6 STUDENTS. (so what is ‘Khon’? ? : Khon' is a Thai Traditional Dance with Masks). - - - link to Khon (in case you cannot picture it: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=khon&oq=khon&gs_l=youtube.3...218.741.0.978. As you are a foreigner or Thai (but know nothing about Khon) ... What would you like to know more about it? As the textbook is divided into 5 lessons Lesson 1: The history of Khon (roughly) Lesson 2: Costume Lesson 3: Masks (Giant , Monkey) Lesson 4: Characters (Totsakan, Hanuman, Rama and Srida) Lesson 5: The dance language use in Khon. The question is I would like to know what you thinking about the lesson 1 (what would you like to know?) ** Can you also pretend to be year 6 student ’ Thanks in advance kha ^_/\_^
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