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  1. The traffic lights in the UK don't give you any idea of how long you're going to be waiting, so I like how they work here in Bangkok. Speaking of traffic... one thing that's amazing here is the absence of road rage. They drive like lunatics, tail gate, cut each up, rarely give room etc, but they don't get mad or show any signs of stress. Whereas back home drivers curse and give each other the middle finger for even the most minor indiscretion.
  2. It's hard to compare Thailand with Hong Kong and Singapore. There are many reasons why tourists will spend more visiting those countries and I would imagine it's beyond the scope of TAT to be able to make any significant impact. It's like the Welsh tourism authority looking at London and saying "I wish we could get a slice of that action". I like that analogy. No country has a monopoly on scenic beaches and I believe Thailand offers much more. I don't really think of India as a place for a beach holiday. I'm surprised the Philippines doesn't attract more tourism. As for Vietnam - they need to relax their visa requirements if they're serious about tourism! But the 'type of tourists' you're talking about (the ones with fat wallets) are not going to be put off by the current price of beer in Thailand. If they pay sky high prices in Singapore and Hong Kong, and those are the countries you think Thailand should be trying to emulate, you can't turn around and say "compare it to Vietnam, Cambodia, etc". Now I know you're going to say "but they offer more, hence their prices" but the point is that you can't say TAT should be doing more to attract wealthy tourists and then complain that beer is expensive. Actually scratch that.... of course we should complain that beer is too expensive! Yeah the exchange rate is the issue. Like Bill, when I first came in 2002 it was 72:1 and now it's something like 45:1. It has made a big difference and I'm not saying that beer is cheap here, but it's cheaper than back home - apart from perhaps the beer in a JD Wetherspoons pub in Rochdale or somewhere. But those pubs are full of smelly old drunken men. I know where I prefer sipping my beer.
  3. I don't think Thailand needs any of those things. In the end it's all a matter of perception. Would a DisneyLand or mega-resort make any difference to how people perceive Thailand? As for the 'Amazing Thailand' campaigns.... when I watch videos on the BBC News website they make me watch adverts beforehand - and they're currently running tourism adverts for Malaysia. Their tag line is 'Malaysia - Simply Asia' and they just show beaches and other things similar to the 'Amazing Thailand' advertisments that I've seen. I wouldn't worry about the future of tourism in Thailand. I agree with what Andy said earlier: European prices for beer? Not quite. Average price for a beer is 100 baht, so that's about 2.20 GBP. I wish it was cheaper because beer is probably my biggest monthly cost but in Malaysia I discovered the going rate is 10 USD for a beer!
  4. Yep, just 7-days for 1900 baht. That's what I got back in February. As for Thailand being a bit strict... well at least they let people in without a formal visa. I was supposed to go to Vietnam a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to get a visa (didn't know I needed one). I got to the gate and they didn't let me on the plane, which was a bit annoying. I had to pay up and go to Singapore instead.
  5. Yeah, very odd. I was surprised by this news. I saw him being interviewed on Thai TV a couple of days ago and he said it was all very short notice... and he'd been to Thailand a few times before and he loved the place the people, etc, etc (saying all the right things!). I very much doubt he's coming for the money and 20 million baht should be peanuts for him... he's made a fortune already from football and is also a bit of a property magnet. I'm a Liverpool fan and a huge Robbie Fowler fan. I was there when he made his debut (and he scored) back in 1993 vs. Fulham. I also used to sell special Robbie Fowler T-Shirts via mail order when I was younger. I still have the official Liverpool FC magazine that shows my advert for the T-shirts. I'm tempted to go and watch him play for his new club. I've checked and the stadium isn't that far away.
  6. I know this thread is over 6 years old, but this one wasn't on your list; Man who go to bed with itchy bum, wake up with smelly finger.
  7. I don't know enough about Thai politics to comment. But I do know that Yingluck is Thailand's first female PM. It might be a first for Thailand but I'm from the UK and we've already had a female PM.... and she was a complete *****. Her name was Margaret Thatcher... aka 'The Iron Lady'. By sheer coincidence my wife's name is also Margaret Thatcher. I refer to my wife as 'The Iron Lady'... and she is also known as 'The Cook Lady', 'The Cleaning Lady', 'The Wash Lady'.
  8. Google think that they own the internet. They can't stand the fact that they don't own Facebook and have tried several times to enter the social networking arena. There last effort was 'Google Buzz' and it was an epic failure. I hope their +1 is also a big fat fail because Google piss me off by getting their greedy fingers into everything. I wish they'd just stick to what they used to do best, which is to just be a search engine. There are many things I don't like about Facebook, particularly the privacy issues. But Facebook is a great site. I have to admit that their 'circles' feature sounds great. You're right... Facebook don't do this very well. BTW, Facebook is planning something 'awesome'.... Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/30/us-facebook-idUSTRE75T55S20110630 Time travel perhaps?
  9. Good detective work there Sherlock. Don't give up your day job, which I'm pretty sure isn't anything to do with betting. FWIW, no I'm not gay. And yes, I'm friends with Admin. No, it's not a conspiracy.
  10. You have hurt my feelings. It's fine. I'm not sure I'd want to meet you to collect my winnings anyway, since you sound like a bit of a whackjob.
  11. I just read the last few pages of this thread. Can I get a piece of this betting action too? I like free money.
  12. What about this guy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRDtp3BFAsE
  13. Wow. That's not good. I was gone from the area before it got dark and felt very safe the whole time.
  14. I followed your excellent advice and had an awesome time. I bought my super bazooka and joined in on the fun over at Sillom. Happy days!
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