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  1. i dont understad, can someone explain too simple english T_T
  2. I tried google translate, and it gave me weird translation. I tried thai2english.com, and i only can assume and sum up the words, but the real meaning i still dont know. im gonna need help for this one too.. ทำงานใส่ร้ายกันแบบนี้หรอ แต่มันไม่ใช่เรื่องของกูแต่จะรู้ไว้ here is from google translate: Work like this slander Hrno. But it's not a loan, but will know. This is what i did myself to translate from thai2english to work to slander each other/prevent/together like this, only it not trouble of me only to know . can anyone help again? thanks
  3. mmm.. im gonna need help to translate this too อย่าดูถูกความรู้สึกดีๆที่ให้แบบนี้ มันเจ็บมาม anyone?
  4. when you are married and have a decent job, you are not entitled to. mostly the red envelopes are for the kids.
  5. - Due Date.. the DVDrip version is out there somewhere.
  6. - Eating together with the whole family from grandparents to grandchildren. - The younglings give "pai pai" (the same like thailand's wai, except they close their palm) to the elderly and the elderly give red pockets (money) to younglings. - On the street they would celebrate it with barongsai and liong dancing, chinese traditional firecrackers, drums and cymbals.
  7. thats sweet. but yeah, today i realized one thing, eventhough i knew right from the beginning that this was unhealthy relationship, i'm still having trouble of letting her go is because just like piant said, im in love with the person she want her to be, not who she really is. sometimes i just need to learn it the hard way :`( and no.. i didnt meet her at the bars.
  8. because i tried google translation and it said "Eyes guy hunt" which sounds like "seeking for a guy" doesnt make any sense
  9. please tell me more about this, as i need to come prepared when the time comes. Well she is not exactly a bar girl as she would say. She lives in an apartment in ratchada, she drives new civic (probably given by her previous financial supporter.) She graduated from a university in bangkok, she has a good attitude, doesn't smoke. She works as a model in night clubs also for magazines like penthouse or any other adult's magazine, but she has the characteristics of being a bar girl, for example, she wanted me to send money to her brother (or husband??) back there in khon kaen to pay bills (why would i do that when i know she can afford to do so), which I rejected politely, well it wasn't much but i believe it will increase gradually time to time. oh yes, one more question popped up in my mind.. would you thai girls wear a ring on your ring finger even if you are not married? would it be such a big deal about it if your boyfriend see you wearing it?
  10. it depends on that guy's original intention if he's trying to get to know you as a friend, and happened to see your friend, and he like her, than i think that should be just a misunderstanding emotion between you two. if he's trying to use you just to get to know your friend, then you might better leave him before he does the same thing to your friend for other reasons. if he's into you, but he changed his mind and now he's into your friend, than the chance would be he's a player.
  11. ignore her, i think after 1 or 2 weeks she'll be gone if i don't talk to her
  12. I think I know what she's been up to know. I think she's trying to pull one of her tricks on me again. After the break-up, she ditched me for a week before she called begging and crying. It was 3 days ago. She knew today I got my paycheck roll, I think she's trying to get whatever she can get before she actually leave me for good. All adds up now, maybe its just a wild assumption but that's enough.. Now I have no guilty feelings for dumping her.
  13. Prejudice is not well tolerated in Australia, but yet I got my first racist experience there. It happened after the Bali Bomb incident, where I was studying in Melbourne. I just happen to be Indonesian, doesn't make me a terrorist. Some People just don't think with their brains.
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