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  1. It was in Iraq and it was fairly easy.

  2. Security in Miami, can't be an easy job there. Hope you know some Spanish!

  3. I'm alive and well.

  4. Where are you?Hope you are doing well na.

  5. But for me i must to do meditation in every places which perhaps have lots of noises ,has bad smells These are truely real for practices which is prove that you can meditation with your mindfulness and concentration and don't think for that smelll or that noises ,You just not thinking anything only see our breathe in and breathe out ,Juts knew it's smell just knew it's noises and left it.This is one important meditation thing i want to tell you.For now you done quite well and thanks for not forget meditation.We are lucky to love meditation,many peoples they don't know how many benefits they will get from meditation.But we do ;)

  6. Really? I am glad to hear that about how you find some way to meditated easier,Yes The natural always help practice meditation very well because of the peace & quite .I many time went to the beach which is no one there or jungles ,mountain.Lucky me when i backed my home town in north over there has very nice weather and i can go lots of mountain to meditated lots of times.

  7. I'm not sweet talking, you're my first and only meditation teacher. For that, I missed you. Finally I get to meditate in nature, and it's ten times easier.

  8. I glad you still alive LOL Kunny told us you were in Coma i was really worried .I am glad you back.Ah! don't' sweet talk you miss everybody i knew that,You a bad good boy .;)

    Oh! almost forgot. Well come back!We all missed you so bad.:lol:

  9. Awwww, I am ok, sorry to make you worry my friend. I miss everyone here, especially you.

  10. Since about 3 hours after I left Iraq, I have been in a constant stage of numbness. I see that some of you missed me and I am sorry to cause anyone trouble, but that **** iBatch pulled is ******* hilarious. Anyways, English Bob, how long is the longest drunken stupor you know of? I am pushing 10 days right about now.
  11. Where are you brother? Everything ok?

    Take Care Na.

    Pee Windy

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