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  1. She is gorgeous! i'm melting :)

  2. Hey JerseyCI ..I don't know you like light color hair ? I thought you dark hair? well.. by the way maybe I should go to try jersey black butter on my birthday..hmm black butter?

  3. This pic look like a bad boy ..Lol or this is other side of you babe?

  4. tonight will be a good night because I had a lovely talk with my boy :)

  5. you got it babe!

  6. Hey, Nina nice to meet you bab ...so how was Thailand trip? Hope you had a good experience there :)

    I'm living in Bermuda...will going back home Bkk on Friday the 4 ..Yeppyy!

    Will keep in touch :)


  7. Hi Lee

    I'm good, Nice to meeting you too and have a nice day lee :)

  8. Thanks! have a nice day bab.

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