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  1. hi,

    planning to visit BKK, lets be friends

    pls ad me

  2. hello, how are you doing? :)

  3. was just browsing and saw you. whatsup.

  4. Sorry, i can't message u, reached my limited. the weather is good here, nice and hot :)

  5. Hi 35 male live in Japan, looking for friends in BKK to travel around and have some fun, if interested contact me

  6. wahaha

    i like what you said is "sick man/woman lol

    anyhow i am laughing with this and make my day fun lol

  7. I am fine thanks and yourself?

    Yes just a sick man or woman! Who knows? But I don't care now lol.

    Have a good week na ja


  8. Hello K'Firework

    I am here want to have freinds

    and guess, that you have a msg about bar girl and some sex something like that i want you to know that

    i also get haha very fun and rude...

    hope you fine

    nice nice naka

  9. Dear visitors,

    If you are here to looking for a cheap slut or sex then go and **** yourself. I am not interested. I am not ******* bar girl! Don't you dare message me.

  10. what is your msn? i will add you :)

  11. I am good and you? :)

  12. I am all good, thanks and how about you? :)

  13. heyy hows u doin?

  14. Good girl! Welcome to TF. Enjoy sis. X

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