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  1. Good Morning from Thailand.Hope you have a nice day! ( It's morning already here but i don't sleep yet...Worked!!!! )


  2. Dear maigol! How are you today? I hope you have a nice day na ja.

    I am sending you one of my blog it's about the movie named " Buddha Lost Children " you can watch all the film here :


    I hope you enjoy na ka.


  3. N676134.jpg

    Dear all members of Meditation & Charity Group

    Yesterday I asked for some helped from my meditation teacher which he is a really great about meditation of Buddhist.He has lots of his student classes with different races and career such as the doctor,business peoples,workers,poor and rich peoples and much more.They came from different countries like USA,Finland,Singapor and mostly from Thailand.

    I have asked him for helping us,If you interested in meditation ,please don’t hesitate to asked him right away.He will glad to help you all.

    Please visit website which I just created yesterday.


    Thanks for your kind attention.


  4. Hi Windy! Thank you very much for welcoming me to this group. There are so many useless groups around, talking about junk. But I think meditation is the best gift anybody can receive, because can really help to change and have a better life. So, happy meditation!


  5. Well come To Meditation & Charity Group ka. Thanks for your first comment at a post of our group. You can also share some experiences of your Meditation and Charity to the group post.We are looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Thanks again and enjoy life !

    Windy (Simply_Oriental)

    Group Maintained


  6. sankhara parama dukkha

    nibbanam paramam sukham...

  7. Hi Kanny, you have very stunning eyes...

  8. as you can see from my profile picture, I like trekking too (picture taken on the Italian Alps)...

  9. you have a very beautiful smile...

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