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  1. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a second hand Canon lens EF 24-70mm. Which store you can advise? Is there a big difference between a new and used one? I really don't have much cash to buy a new one. @Admin, If I posted this in the wrong page or someone posted already, please kindly move. Thanks.
  2. I just spoke to them a while ago. Here's the explanation they gave me. "They are looking onto it" [sic]. We are hoping that before December we can get this done.
  3. Sorry to response just now. Base from what I read. I don't have a choice then rather than to leave my company who'm I've been working with for the past 4 years. I really don't want to stay here illegally. Well I don't know if there's any way around it. Thanks guys.
  4. I was previously assigned in Singapore before the company have transferred me here in Bangkok. My 3 months Category B non-immigrant visa will expire next month and yet they haven't applied for my work permit. So to speak I need to go for a visa run. I ask them and they told me that they are going to have some problem acquiring a permit for us foreigners. I don't want to stay here illegally coz' from the previous job they assigned me they got us a working permit/visas. Currently, there are 8 of us foreigners and 1 local here in the company. As per the ratio of workers that Thailand requires 1 f
  5. I agree. Whatever the supply and demand is. Expect Philippines, India and other southeast Asian countries to beefed up the needs when it comes to manpower.
  6. Hi bCool, First of all, if the company is being one fourth or half owned by a foreigner. They always check the level of competitiveness and skills of their workers. Like some of the following: a) Can they speak English? This is all about communication which is a hindrance for SOME (not all) Thai nationals that when they speak English they are having a hard time to complete or construct a sentence. Multitasking plays also a great part. MAYBE some Thai nationals can only concentrate on one job at a time. c) Ideas. Thai nationals are too shy to share ideas (marketing/management). e) Learn to sa
  7. Philippines got a lot of dialects just like Thailand has. However, those dialects are still being used locally or abroad (Pride of Dialects). English is a must second language for Filipinos for them to be competitive anywhere in the World. Even America acknowledges it that they even hire English teachers in the Philippines. It's not a surprise that sometimes you even find that they are very articulate on it. Having American English, English English, French, Italian, Deutch, Niponggo, Mandarin, Hokkien, Arabic, Parsi or whatever second language you like wouldn't be a hindrance if the government
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