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  1. A DWI/DUI immediatly resolved!!
  2. That brown acid was harsh. I'm still seeing tracers and weird **** out the corner of my eye.
  3. I would have taken better care of myself as I never never thought I would live this long.

    Drunk Animals

    The baby elephant cracked me up
  5. Ya got me looking for an Argentinian restaurant as I type. The Brazilian meat is pretty good too, I'm hungry now.
  6. Good research. I noticed that Thais ate many more times a day than typical westerners, street food being munched on a little bit all day and night. We westerners seem to be more into our 3 big meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I prefered the Thai way, and tried to munch all day, small meals but delicous and cheap. I lost 15 pounds in a month in Thailand eating like that.
  7. Here in California, marijuana is semi-legal, but not recognized federally. Many northern communities thrive on the cash crop and have elaborate financial arrangements between growers and loaned money. If the feds roll a crop, the grower is screwed in more ways than one. The irony is, if you are in Arizona, you can carry legally any pistol you want, but possesion of even a gram of marijuana is a bust. In Ca, you can have an ounce in possesion if you have a medical card, but carrying a pistol without a CCW permit is bad juju. Getting a CCW in Ca is next to imposssible, and getting a medical
  8. so glad i escaped Sandy....pretty sure New York won't exist after tomorrow.
  9. We need more participation from TFr's. This site is getting pretty dead. Why has everyone been so quite?
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