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  1. So when someone turns up the charm and then; all of a sudden, drops a comment like "hey baby, can I have your pin number?". Probably a red flag right there... Lol
  2. Where was that picture taken?

  3. I made the dolls with crochet, knit, pin bla bla bla

  4. What type of handicrafts do you specialize in?

  5. Nahh.. Dont have any rule said old ppl are not allowed to use photoshop then. :P

    Dont you know a High-Tech old woman? HAHAHA

  6. Very good. Now you are the oldest person I know that uses photoshop! Very impressive lol

  7. Yah..its the development of photoshop lol

  8. That a great photo from 70 years ago. Color and everything!! That's impressive!! Haha.

  9. LOL My profile photo is about 70 years ago. Now I'm look like raisin XD

    Thanks for dropping by, anyway ;)

  10. Your profile says 94 years old!? I must say you have aged very well if that profile pic is accurate haha. When I'm 94 I'll look like a raisin.

  11. Thought I saw a porn called "30 + 39" one time...
  12. Thanks for the add! Nice to meet you.

  13. You are a teacher? You teach in Thailand?

  14. A 4 letter word.
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