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  1. Hi, How are you I hope you're okay

  2. hi i hope to hear from you, ive been to your country a few times and i love the culture and its people. you need some more pics on here...

    im from usa

  3. hello, how are you ?

  4. hi there...nice to meet you

  5. Haha not fair for his wife at all! and for me too
  6. Yes i know now and when i look back i only see how stupid i am and i just dont want any girl getting the situation like me...thats why i want to share here
  7. He has his wife lives in A country and has me live in B country while he lives in C country :P
  8. His wife lives in another country they didnt live together...thats why it took so long for me to find out his secret
  9. First of all,I want to say hi to all of you here.I am a member on this website for a while but never made any post or forum before so this is my first forum. Ok, i see TF is one of social network site and guys would like to talk to girls and girls would like to talk to guys and that may lead to a relationship too.I have done that before met a guy online and put myself in a long distance relationship even if i know its stupid but couldnt control myself that time...and handle that for almost 3 years. We had talk online almost everyday so many hours per a day and on the phone so many times too...like boyfriend and girlfriend do and ever plan about the future together like he would move to thailand and find a job here and etc. he plan to visit me this year and also invite me to visit him in his country too.Everything looked fine but one day it was a nightmare for me i found out he has a wife! but i never know that before because she lives in another country thats why he can talked to me almost everyday many hours a day for 3 years with the webcam because she was not there with him at all.When i asked how can he do this to me all he said was he so sorry just lonely becasue his wife was not there with him and then he found me so kind and sweet and wanted to have me as a girlfriend...well i was shock and my head blank...So i just want to tell the girl who is having a long distance relationship as i had please make sure that he is single and dont trust it only because u can webcam with him all the day and the night and see no woman there...and also i dont want the guy do this to a girl too only because u are lonely because it worst to play with people's feeling. Thank you for reading my forum and i hope i can make some friends here.i do want to talk to the girls too [i tried to chat with girls but no one reply me!] hahaha I hope you guys will have a very good long weekend bye!
  10. was just browsing and saw you. whatsup.

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