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  1. http://hotels.skyscanner.com/SearchResults.aspx?destination=city%3aBangkok&resultID=0&checkin=2013-05-15&checkout=2013-05-16&Rooms=1&adults_1=2&languageCode=EN&currencyCode=USD
  2. Ah on www.skyscanner.com you can find hotel price from the operators that each hotel deals with so you can see which operators offer the lowest price without you've to search it separately.
  3. Great you return back to Thailand while I'm living in USA now haha. Yes to stay here makes me realize many good parts of my homeland a lot especially the convenience to buy & eat food 24 hours. I've a plan to go back to Thailand in the future after my husband will retire from being a soldier ^^
  4. I used Skyscanner to buy a ticket from Bangkok to St.Louis, MO with price 28,000 Thb. from JAL on 12nd Dec, 2012 so it's so excellent .
  5. I wanna say Thank You for this great website Thailand Friends to make me met my hubby (mikephenn). I didn't expect to find my soul mate here but only making a good friend. I've joined this site since April 2011 and met my hubby next month. We both didn't know that after a long mail and chat for a month could make we fall in love each other. The topic we talked was Buddhist but I had found that he got my interest when he answered my mail. It's so funny that we are not the teenager but we loved each other so fast. Flooding was a turning point to make Mike asked me to marry later. He was worried to lose me from flooding in my area while I was so confident he's a real good guy as he helped my family at that time. Now I'm so happy I'm his wife and soon I'll move to USA to start my new life with him. I love you so much Mike my love. [ATTACH=CONFIG]119645[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]119646[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]119647[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]119648[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]119649[/ATTACH]
  6. Our wedding picture my hubby ^^


  7. @Sweetie0987 - Haha I don't marry yet and this pic is our Pre-wedding picture na ja. I'll getting married on September ^^

  8. oh you married???

    Congratulation na ka .. wish you a very very very happy on your wedding life ... :) mii khwam sook mak mak na ka :)

  9. Haha thanks a lot for your greeting. My boyfriend is a soldier as same as you. Have a good time ^__^

  10. Thank you so much for your sweet greeting and I wish I'll have a long lasting love like you ka P'Nicky ^^

  11. Wooow! Already this pic shows a happy couple! So all the Best for your Marriage and maybe keep in touch! I wish you and your hubby all the best and a lucky, happy life!

  12. Hi sis, I'm glad to hear about your good news. I wish you and your love one all the best. Please keep contact. ;)

  13. Hello sis,

    Sorry I didn't keep contact with you for a long time. After the flooding, my life was changed a lot ka. Now I'm working in Denmark for 2 months (18 Apr - 16 Jun) so we're in the same country now ^^. However, I've a good news to tell you na ka. I'll marry with my boyfriend on Sep, 2012 and I'll move to USA after that ka. I met him from this website so it's so amazing.

    Take care and enjoy the spring time haha.

  14. Thanks for Thailand Friends as I've met my honey from this good website. Mike & I will marry on Sep, 2012 and I'll move to stay at USA after that.

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