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  1. If she has one and you love her then what's the problem, get it removed
  2. Stop over analysing it all and go with your feelings while keeping a close hold on your wallet. What I mean is go with your heart but have a prenup signed first. If she really cares for you the prenup will be no problem, if she objects you may or may not have a problem.
  3. ROFLMAO Thats what I get to listen too nearly every week
  4. Unfortunately there is more than one a**hole out there. Sometimes I think there should be a crime of Gross Stupidity except our jails would need to be ten times bigger than they are now. You would not believe the numbers that come nto the police station here after being ripped off by some off the oldest scams around. People just do not seem to understand that if it sounds to good to be true then it is. I love the ones who sent money so that they could claim a prize in a lottery they never entered.
  5. The problem is basically hotmail because its security and spam filters are crap
  6. The latest scam seems to be send money to me because I have been paid to kill you and you would be shocked at the numbers who come in with this one after sending the money
  7. With all the news coverage about scams and Western Union it is amazing to me that I still get a lot of people coming into the police station saying I sent money oversea's and, Shock and Horror, they ripped me off.
  8. My reply to anyone who wants money sent Western Union is "Good Bye, have a bad day"
  9. I found this was a problem with hotmail accounts. I have not had it with gmail. I think the problem exists within hotmail security. It just does not filter the spammers very well. It has nothing to do wit the ISAF server
  10. Recieved similar about 12 months ago. I have not been there so probably the same as Nigerian 911 and get the addresses by buying them of hackers
  11. Mate I work in the Police and we get people coming in on a regular basis because they have sent money to scammers. They say there is one born every minute and I believe them.
  12. Usually I like to play with there minds for a few weeks then report them but this time I thought what the hell, stuff em quick
  13. Erica777 is a scammer. Sends PM asking bank details so she can send money from africa. Old Nigerian 919 scam
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