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  1. Here in México are 2:30 am, I still checking them, all are very interesting
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a photography entusiast and I'm looking for lesson on the internet and so, I've discovered this channel on vimeo which may be usefull for some of us. http://vimeo.com/channels/photographyschool Have a nice shooting
  3. Wow, that's very interesting, I've requested more info about it, hope to test it soon many thanks for posting this
  4. Yes, so they will be $8 for a pair? I still very interested anyways
  5. Wow, I'll take a look on that links, thanks
  6. no matter if they are only 1 color
  7. will be great if you can tell me how much will costs 3 pairs with these colors thank you
  8. Hey English_bob, I've sen't you a private message with some links to lots of music
  9. Great, later today I'll send you some examples of music you will like.
  10. Oh good catch, I'm not sure about that, but I've looking for them right now, and they are not that easy to get or found info than as "thai fisherman pants" =/
  11. Yeap I found the models of the pants, but, c'mon it's not the same getting a Mariachi suite made in anyother place than Mexico, the original will be always better, or at least that's what I thought
  12. I've asked among my friends on Monterrey and they toldme that's it's not so easy send Cabrito that far hehe, sorry, also I'm guessing that if I send it tou you I will need a kind of goverment permisson, but if you want anything else that wont expire I can send them to you
  13. My girlfriend have a fisherman pants, she went to Thailand some years ago, sometimes she borrow them to me, and wow they are so comfortable, and fresh. I don't think that I will have any troubble wearing them to go for some tacos Regards
  14. Hi English_Bob, I'm not a troll hehe, it's just that the last 3 days have been a very busy office day, however, I'm very interested in the fisherman pants, I know that they are easy to make and that the materials would be find here in Mexico, but nothing like the originals About the music you want, tell me which music genre are you interested in, maybe rock, pop, indi. I will be please to do this exchange
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