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  1. you are pretty and can we be friends

  2. Ha ha really I must walk past you so much!!! Send me a PM if you want to chat sometime cos I am not on this site much, have a great day

  3. Heyyy i'm working near by gate "E" at the airport.

  4. Awww. thanks. u so sweet :) how are you?

  5. Wannita, where'd you get them legs...they go on forever, and are beautiful!!! ;)

    Be well.


  6. so tired from work!

  7. Hey great photos I come through the airport every month maybee I see you already!!!

  8. it's raining raining and rainingggggg -.-"

  9. afternoon shift this month! oh my good september.

  10. with the rain poncho! hahaha... attachment.php?attachmentid=116996&d=1314797975

  11. So tired today. Finally i can get my driving license!

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