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  1. Unless you want to buy fake, overprized jewelry, don't go with someone offering you to buy genuine, underprized jewelry.
  2. As you requested, you need more background information about company and people, possibly website and social media profiles. Payment in advance would be a plus too.
  3. I could have set this up for them for 1000 US$. Locations, people, stories. They'd just have to come here, shoot 2 days, pay their plain tickets, hotel rooms and food bills and probably sell this for 50k to discovery channel lol.
  4. Anything is on the table. Drunk, drugged or completely normal lol
  5. Andy_bkk

    Incident Report

    lol was the guy still drunk when filling out this incident report? And does he expect a new laptop now? I would give him his papers instead...
  6. lol this is your first day in a "first world country" and you had 5 "bad incidents"?? At this rate you would be home in a few days! You need to take things much easier. Also question yourself too. What you see may be unnormal for you while you are normal, but maybe its actually just normal?
  7. Andy_bkk

    Read carefully

    haha classic! you thought you were caught with news about your private life finally reaching your office )
  8. jap models not really my thing, I plus the SEA type: indonesia + thai models
  9. This years Miss Thailand probably presented a detailed 90 page resume on how to resolve world piece, the rice crisis and regional prosperity in order to advance to that stage...
  10. The takeaway from a mickey mouse movie is much more beneficial
  11. Thanks to the creators of human mankind that they gave us fantasy :cool:
  12. watch out for the pirates...
  13. the opposite would be she actually gave one month of her salary to you, right??
  14. A lot of experience is in Rob's sentence, because he is just about right
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