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  1. Unless you want to buy fake, overprized jewelry, don't go with someone offering you to buy genuine, underprized jewelry.
  2. As you requested, you need more background information about company and people, possibly website and social media profiles. Payment in advance would be a plus too.
  3. Andy_bkk

    Hua Hin

    Never heard about flooding in Hua Hin but maybe she means that in a couple of decades due to sea level rising all coastal areas may be flooded. Due to this unsolved issue and because of my lack of confidence in thai politics and their overall handling of issues in general I am reluctant to buy a condo in bkk.
  4. I could have set this up for them for 1000 US$. Locations, people, stories. They'd just have to come here, shoot 2 days, pay their plain tickets, hotel rooms and food bills and probably sell this for 50k to discovery channel lol.
  5. Anything is on the table. Drunk, drugged or completely normal lol
  6. I agree. However I predict it will be difficult to answer accurately.
  7. Another bright idea. Less expenses mean more profits. Instead of paying to raise animals you get some free meat from animals that run around wild and freely and process it into meatballs.
  8. I understand this guy. When eating khao mun gai, the sauce is the most important part and can make or break the whole dish and your mood. Street vendors usually put a real nice layer of glutamic acid in there. The thicker the better it gets :cool:
  9. I would help but I have no telephone, what do i do now?
  10. My orders made this guy a billionaire. So glad I could help
  11. Absolutely nothing wrong here. Next Saturday 2 pm Central Ladprao, next to McDonalds, do you want to join?? Special price
  12. I know of a couple of female teachers where I WISHED they had sex with me at the age of 13 lol
  13. If this "business idea" takes off I'll eat my shorts. I've seen maybe two handful of people riding a bicycle in bkk excluding kids and elderly in 10 years.
  14. This is a pretty normal situation in Thailand. You need to be clear on how important your fiance is for you. Have you ever had a dream that lasted forever? I mean the whole planet moves, oceans move, things move all the time. Now she is cool with this, fun to be around, the next second she'll stab you in the back while you sleep and rip your balls off, because she eventually can"t handle the situation being 2nd... This is just only one scenario out of many that could happen. I never trust women, and especially thai women in this regard, because they are perfect at playing to whole emotional sc
  15. Andy_bkk

    Incident Report

    lol was the guy still drunk when filling out this incident report? And does he expect a new laptop now? I would give him his papers instead...
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