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  1. ªÃºÃյç buffalo ¹ÕèáËÅà ¾Õè¨ÃµÅ¡ä»äË¹à ¹Õ Âѧ¢Óä´éÃÕ¡¹à áËÃæ
  2. OIC

    Happ Birthday PP

    Oiy!!! Awwwww!!!! This is very very kind of you to publish this journal and wish me birthday....a thank you word is not enough!!! Million thanks to those who are being very kind to wish me birthday too na ja. Khob khun, thank you, arigato, merci, khobjai lai............... PS:Nude,does it mean you and me will see each other again in our next life? *shock*
  3. OIC


    I'm also chasing after one of my friend too.....I'm so dead worried about him and sooo want to know if he's ok,pray-pray!!! Hope for the best.
  4. Pukeeeeee!!! Thanks for looking after us all to darling...I really had a great bitchy times with you guys. Pukeeeeee!!! xx
  5. OIC

    Mai mee arai :-)

    BigKus Chill Chillus
  6. This technique sounds familiar....very familiar!!! :roll:
  7. We dont need a slacky a**hole in life!!! dont waste your precious times my darling!!!
  8. ive quitted my job two years ago,so when I applied for visa to Europe I dont have any certify letter from my company but i think what most of the embassy needs are the same and these are what i normally give away to the embassy... -The person in the country youre going to be with saying friends or whatever... -Prove of his work,properties or flat or house and saying that he/she will sponsor you when you are in the country -His/her personal documents like photocopy of passport,bank statement etc. -Your letter saying that you have quitted your job with dates -Normally when you quit your job your
  9. I went there with my friends and it was chaos!!!! Lots of ppl,longggg queue for food (and didnt get ones esp: grill pork+sticky rice *sob*),cold,raining and starving!! but still we had a good day and times tho....I miss thailand!!
  10. LMAO!!!!!!!! Khun Nueng, this is a very funny and useful tips I have ever read!!!! and will try soon!! ps: oyi! i cant stop laughing!!
  11. OIC

    World Rat Day

    Are you trying to say that you love rats and feel sympathy for them when you've got too many cats that want to eat them?!!! Psycho
  12. OIC

    Moving home

    Cant wait to see the pic............Invite me to visit please!!!
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