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  1. Tell me about it Iain. It's the same as Mr Bean too. There is no way he could've kept time and rhythm with the umbrella. In fact I would go as far to suggest that maybe the queen didnt even jump out of the helicopter at all and Mr Beans keyboard wasn't attached to the main system... the fooling fuckers.
  2. Well, sometimes that's the only thought that can help to keep my Kanom Jeen down.
  3. Great pics, great times were had but someone has gotta ask. When's your ass coming back to Thailand?
  4. Hey a**hole! I'm typing this from Tapatalk. Lol I'm not really. I can't see the blogs but I can see the forums.
  5. It makes you think though, that dog is smart. Maybe he trained her.
  6. With Ces posting twice in a row it looks like she's wearing a swimming cap. Anyways, you are far from the first guy it to happen to and it could of been a lot worse. You live, you learn. Seems Olympos is still the main candidate for Moron Of The Year Award.
  7. They have ways to make you spend before you even realise it. Be careful...it's a jungle out there.
  8. Teddy

    Where's TF party??

    Bill and Rob were the mucus that bound us.
  9. Have seen her in real life, she ain't that hot.
  10. Teddy

    Not a compliment?

    Are you sure you definitely said "you've got" and not "you are" cos that might piss him off.
  11. Nice, like your choice in the collar strap. Don't be dissing cats. Maximum lols are to be had with them.
  12. That happened to me once but instead I wasn't using a helmet. I done it on a uni-cycle while juggling Swords, fireballs and ummm...pelicans...and I was going a lot faster. It's easy once you know how.
  13. hahaha.... Ciaran definitely had a hand in writing the rap.
  14. Sheesus, the guy who shot this just didn't give a **** about being caught. The only TFers I know with a camera on them at all times is KoolBreez and Bill. Come on guys, fess up. Which one was it? Oh hey Japam, how are you?
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