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  1. And also Pranburi too. Beautiful down there.
  2. Waheeeey, thats awesome. Congrats. I'll make sure Iain buys us a few beers at his leaving do. Will give you a shout in a couple of days dude.
  3. Yea it's strange being away from BKK, but it could only be for while...or until the drug case dies down......oooOOOooohhh.....teaser. lol
  4. This ones easy. Drive to Don Mueang, drive a plane to Samui, drive the trolley to the taxi, drive the taxi across to Chaweng. Check in, bags down, then its party with Ted time.
  5. Tell me about it Iain. It's the same as Mr Bean too. There is no way he could've kept time and rhythm with the umbrella. In fact I would go as far to suggest that maybe the queen didnt even jump out of the helicopter at all and Mr Beans keyboard wasn't attached to the main system... the fooling fuckers.
  6. Pretty much this. Unless she is a mind reader she isn't going to know unless you mention it. Or show her your feelings through interpretive dance.
  7. So you feel the grip of SEA gently tugging on your balls again eh? Have you looked at Kong Kong? They have a sold economic and education infrastructure there and they used to be under British rule so they no doubt speak "proper" English. Actually, that might not suit you. ;-)
  8. Some very impressive shots in there. Here's some vids I'm been messing around with, nothing serious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOzVrYM9TQc
  9. You take away a mans internets; he's gets all whiney and angry. True Coffee Fortune Town.
  10. The music in Songkran episode made me skip almost the whole thing, generic to say the least. But having said that, it's a good idea and is well shot but a bit over-edited for what it is. Although I wouldn't mind taking his telephoto lens (not a euphemism) for a spin.
  11. From the Kaunitz vault of gems:
  12. A clip from Windows Surface launch/ demo thingy. I'm not a complete Apple fanboy but this is cringe worthy. Not only is this device too little too late but it freezes during the speech.
  13. With the Peterson vs. Khan decision and Pacquaio vs Bradley decision joined by Haye and Chisora having a slug fest boxing is becoming the new WWE.
  14. Well, sometimes that's the only thought that can help to keep my Kanom Jeen down.
  15. Is this the American Football where they are on Ice Skates? Because it is/was on every morning on GMM Sport. Have given up checking. Although it could of been repeats, it all looks the same really.
  16. Great pics, great times were had but someone has gotta ask. When's your ass coming back to Thailand?
  17. This heap of **** never seems to end. The finals have been going on for months. It's never just one match, they have to play a bunch of times then what?? They play again but this time it seems to be a rematch. It goes for way too long as well. 4 quarters of 20 minutes and the way the yanks spread out each quarter means one match can go on for the best part of a day. The only reason I complain is because this **** has clogged up one of the sports channels on cable...oh and it's ****. Dont mind me, I've had to spend the day at immigration, I'm allowed a rant.
  18. 18:25 He does a cover of Paul Simon and slates pendulum....What a guy. Oh and Rob, audio link is here for download. http://soundcloud.com/beardyman/beardyman-main-stage-bestival
  19. Hey a**hole! I'm typing this from Tapatalk. Lol I'm not really. I can't see the blogs but I can see the forums.
  20. Korean Female Instructor Teaches Students to Politely Proposition Males ProstitutesPlease give me what??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9f9q4u4cdbs I guess those phrases will cum in handy.
  21. It makes you think though, that dog is smart. Maybe he trained her.
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