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    Teddy got a reaction from kaunitz in What does this mean???   
    ma rub lek na ja. one rtid means "Rub my leg, one time"
    You been getting messages from ladyboys in Soi Cowboy again? :wink:
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    Teddy got a reaction from kaunitz in Moving to Italy?   
    These threads you have started are quite common here and will turn into a thread of ridicule and torment.
    I guess if you need to post 3 threads you must be gagging I mean determined to find your gik in Italy.
    Good luck.
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    Teddy got a reaction from kaunitz in 3 Happinesses   
    You'll need a toaster to light that off.
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    Teddy got a reaction from kaunitz in Funny Vids and Pics   
    These ones made me have real lols

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    Teddy reacted to Stramash in What's next?   
    For someone who claims a University education (an online one perhaps? Or a degree that qualifies you to ask people if they want to 'supersize their meal') you do come across as particularly stupid. You quote and link to non scientific websites with all the credibility of Sarah Palin on meth.
    Man has been on Earth for around 200-250,000 years. The Earth is around 4.5 Billion years old (so still around 1.5 billion years from the estimated half way point of the sun's life). We are nothing but a dust speck on this planet's history. That 200-25000 years has seen ice ages, volcanic eruptions that make even the worst one of the modern era seem like a barbecue, earthquakes of unimaginable intensity, meteorite strikes, tsunamis etc etc etc. Our weather cycles and tectonic activity has been fairly stable since the last mini ice age. The recent (and still to come) natural disasters are exactly that; natural...and cyclical. The most likely, and cataclysmic, natural disaster waiting to happen is Yellowstone. Depending on which group of scientists you listen to, an eruption is anywhere between 40,000 years overdue, or could happen sometime in the next 20,000. The San Andreas fault having a major 'event' is also another possibility, and again one that could be cataclysmic. But both natural; non occult based, non alien influence, non government plot, non party of the Elves, non Illuminati ordered.
    While on the micro scale any natural disaster that results in loss of life is tragic, on the macro scale of Earth history, geology and the bigger picture (by this I mean, some form of die back of our own species may be advantageous) they are nothing; inconsequential and have little meaning.
    I am sure that had you been a peasant in the middle ages (and sure you would have been a revolting peasant.) you would have had garlic on your door frame, held up the sign of the horned god to ward off evil and would have accused poor old Mother Lumpjaw of being a witch and made sure she was thoroughly burnt at the stake.
    But this is the age of science and information. And unfortunately, as with anything of progress, you will have the doubters, the unbelievers and the just plain stupid.
    Please return to your village asap; it's really missing its idiot.
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    Teddy reacted to PowerPoof in Thai racist??? Just look at the picture...   
    Go to bed you trolling homo!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Teddy got a reaction from Stramash in Sunday Brunch at Tenderloins   
    Oh no he ditn't...... :cool:
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    Teddy reacted to CiaranM in Thai Dating   
    r u sure u've come to the right website ???
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