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  1. Hello Goldie

    How are you? I'm Thai guy in 44 year. My name is Lek live in Jomtien Beach. Wow you look very sexy dear. I really like to know to and to be a good friend. I really like you and meet you nice women. I wish we can meet when you are here in Thailand and we can have a very good fun I promiss you. You can contact me at [email protected]

    I will send you my sexy picture to you. I hope to hear from you as soon as you can.

    Big Hugs and Big Kiss


  2. Hi Goldie, I like your profile. I live in Michigan now, but go to Thailand every year for about 6 months (winter time). I usually stay in BKK, but have also lived in Chiang Mai, Jomtien, Nakorn Pathom and Sichang Island. I'm semi-retired now, but still do some consulting part-time (www.arlofast.com). Do you have plans to go back to Thailand? Hope all is well with you. Kisses, Arlo

  3. CanadaGirl

    WARNING !!!

    What is this world coming too...is she another Lorraine Bobbit...Honey if he cheats not worth it getting revenge just move on...
  4. Easier to go to Canada than the US sorry to say.....................
  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww wish I knew about a skating rink in Thailand!
  6. Yes sad for me I will miss it I went to Sukothai best time I ever had...................Thailand was great when I lived there
  7. Ciao tesoro Limoncello comes from Compania...............where my familly is from and is also my last name. Limoncello After a traditional meal mainly based on fish, it is very common in Campania region , to drink limoncello, usually after coffee. Limoncello is a traditional spirit distilled from lemon rinds, typical of Napoli, Caserta and Ischia. It is a natural product, usually home-made from rinds of the typical lemon, big in size and with a thick peel which grows in the area. It is made by steeping lemon rids in alcohol and by adding water and sugar. It must be served chilly as appetizer
  8. Hi Everyone you have been helpful to me in the past was wondering if I can get some feedback on Scuba Diving do you know anything about the Aquanauts, Mermaids, Siam divers clubs in Pattaya which one of these clubs is the best for training..................thanks
  9. Interesting enough I read this article and was not surprised why men come here to get away from those north american woman and I do not disagree with them at all I to would leave and in a hurry........but on the other hand not all white woman are the same sad though because of some bad woman now most men seem to put us good woman in the same basket..........
  10. Hi and welcome new friends are always good................
  11. CanadaGirl

    Last Christmas

    Wow sorry to hear that........but be happy you shared some time together. My prayers are with you.........be strong ok.
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