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  1. "Saaaa-thu!" - what does it mean? (Sorry, my Thai is more than deplorable!)

  2. :)

    And I have to add something more ;)

  3. thank you Rob,, been very busy these days since i started a part time job from after school to 11pm ...so tired.

  4. just sent you another vote...love the steak pics!

  5. :lol:haha..makes me hungry ==

  6. Saaaa-thu!. (Amen!)

  7. Depends on which area you are. I think that in an area out of Bkk, you also could go alone without problems (well, I don't know exactly where Maehongson is although I think it's in the North). Anyhow, up in the North, with the nice mountains, you always will have a nice look at the stars! And I am sure you will find some soulmate who will like to be with you, lying in the cool grass and watch the stars with you! :)

  8. haha all things cool if it's in my mouth
  9. Glad to know there're people who's interested in stars and constellations to be found. U.U sadly my friends here don't really like it. So no one wants to go camping or observe stars with me... as a single girl, you know it's kinda risk to spend time looking up to the starry night sky in the dark.. so I always wish to have some star lover club to go together or a b/f who cares to go with me at night lol

  10. Woooow, that's really great! I had a book about constellations when I was a teenager but I never managed to find the constellations that were depicted there. Unfortunately. Because I also like the stars! What i know I only know by personal experience (Canis Major and Minor you need to orientate and Cassiopeia helps you with that)

  11. ..Vanilla Ice cream XD - -' guess of something else??? ....
  12. wow I like it,,, look cute!
  13. Ah should I list them here ,constellation that is my all time fav. is Perseus, easy to see to me are Orion, big dipper, Canis major and minor, Auriga, Gemini, Taurus including 7 sisters, Cassiopia, Pagasus, Cepheus, Lepus in winter, ..Scorpion, Leo, Virgo, Boote, Sagittarius, Cynus, Aquila, Lyra, Hercules in other months.. some hard to see constellation like Eridanus, Pieces, Hydra, Cancer, Capricorns some friends of mine can point me to them but still hard for me , ^^ never thought i'll really answer this, no one has asked me before as well. I love stars.

  14. So which constellations can you find out? I know the Big and the Small Wagon, Cassiopeia, Orion, the Pleiades and the Southern Cross. Unfortunately not more....

  15. of course! ^^Welcome to my page, thank you by the way

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