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  1. :-)

    Thank you!!

    Should I tell her about my part time job? Sound a good idea!!

    When I try to think english word in my head before I say or write, I feel a confuse.

    Sometime I had a wrong word and made my friend misunderstand.

    Once again,Thank you.

    hey jena, i think the guys on here gave you some very good advice and i think you should tell your friend the entire story and i think she will understand. i have same trouble when talking to thai friends, i try to think of right word but sometimes comes out wrong and the same with my friends.. they sometimes confuse me until we talk more and figure it out. if she's a good friend.. she will understand. take care

  2. hey silky, my names bill. nice to meet you. hope you enjoy the site. theres lots of good info here, and as a bonus, some of the guys here are comical. almost like watchin the three stooges. you'll figure out which ones are larry, curly and moe. lol

  3. hey people, im planning on taking a year or two to study in thailand and am wundering how anybody pays to live there while on education visa. i read you could not work on an education visa. do you survive off a student loan or do you have an income coming in while your studying abroad? any comments would be much appreciated. just not exactly sure how to go about it. thanks

  4. If i could turn back time, i would posted like this when I first register to this site, I think i would have more messages and got exciting blind date. But its too late now, I posted my pics. :(

    I can assure you bigkus, i've seen your pictures and you are very very pretty. If I lived closer I would have loved to go on a blind date with you. And no, it's never too late

  5. heard someone talking about me? ... someone missed me? ..here I am Kira, the pool shark! you 're right it's he point i want to play some more games ^^
    Ruth ...was that the name of the 11 year old girl who whupped your bottom?? !!

    isn't it nice to know ur being missed? kira the pool shark has been whuppin everybodies butts. whupped mine bad, came in 62nd place.lol

  6. This came up at dinner this evening when someone asked why it was so hard to get good weed in Thailand.

    When I say that Thais are natural stoners, I mean it in a good way. They are laid back, like to smile, and don't sweat the small stuff...natural stoners. They are already chilled out. I know that's not the reason why they don't legalize it, but I got into this dramatic monologue about how alcohol is worse than weed. If one should get legalized over the other, throw someone in jail for drinking and not for lighting up (of course I had a couple of beers by this point).

    Stoners don't get in bar fights...the worst they would do is eat too much pizza that night or play too many video games. Driving under the influence? Stoners can't be bothered. Go rioting through the city because your team lost (or won) a big match? Stoner says, "can't we all just get along, man?"

    The world needs a good collective puff of weed. And don't bring up that gateway drug malarky. Alcohol is by far worse than weed.

    Should this have been a journal, or is there anyone out there who disagrees with me?

    couldn't have said it any better myself.

  7. Welcome new newbie I'm older newbie name Kira XD ...let's get lost together lol i'm still learning about how to use and try things on this website.

    ah older and hopefully wiser newbie, i'd love to get lost with you. gonna take me a bit to get through everything here, figure out who's who and what's what.

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