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  1. :-) Thank you!! Should I tell her about my part time job? Sound a good idea!! When I try to think english word in my head before I say or write, I feel a confuse. Sometime I had a wrong word and made my friend misunderstand. Once again,Thank you.
  2. Hi, everyone. I have a stupid question to ask,sorry. I have a american friends and I keep practices my english language wiht her. Last week I found some problem about money, my wallet fall and made I lose a lot money. I told her with the sad feeling and she through I want to borrow her money. Absolute not! I didn't want to borrow I just want to shared with my friends. (Now, I got a new part-time for solve that problem. I'm fine.) Well, she didn't understand and may be upset to me. I really want to explain please show your support. I will try harder for practics. Thank you Jena
  3. For Update.. They had apologized on youtube last week. For me, I feel better about this however I hope it will not happen again. Thank you for any comment, my language well and I will try more to practice.
  4. Thank a lot!! Thank you so much!!
  5. It's compliticate to explain about that.. cause the victems of the flood have a very bad time.We still in the water more 4 month not comfortable at all, can't walk but need to out. I can't explain at all howerver belive me, they feel more badly when saw the clip.
  6. Because it's promote marketing planed, normally other artist will shown the support for the victems. (I guess)
  7. So if you like to travel, have you already joined our group "Travellers" ;)

    No pressure done, no harm intended, it's up to you! Welcome here anyhow!

  8. Hi everyone, I want to share news of the korea band about this.. http://www.soompi.com/news/block-bs-controversial-behaviour-in-thailand-outrages-2pm-members Recently Block B had an interview on a television show in Thailand. In the interview, Block B showed a careless attitude during the interval of questions, in which you can see the members playing and goofing around and even laying down over the table during the televisive interview. The situation got worse when the interviewer asked their thoughts about the recent flood going on in Thailand. Member and leader Zico answered, "I know about it. I was pretending I didn't but I do." Then, they said, "We wish Thai people would heal the damage in their hearts through financial donations, and all we have is money" while another member claimed, "How about 7000 won?" (6.00 USD) and then they all laughed. The controversy of their comments rely in the fact that members were actually making too much fun of the situation by saying that they could only help with 6 dollars and they were being disrespectful and rude about the situation pretending they didn't know anything. These comments made Thailand people upset and offended. And also it started an outrage over 2PM members who expressed their feelings on the situation. As some of you may know, Thailand is like a second home for 2PM members since Nichkhun is originally from Thailand. He expressed on his Twitter account, "As a Thai person I feel offended by those who speak about the Thailand floods without thinking. Also instead of coming to Thailand and acting mindlessly, please respect the country’s manners, and only act in a proper way." Not just Nichkhun tweeted about the incident, but also fellow members Junho and Chansung and also Tiger JK. Junho wrote, " I won’t say who it is but those actions and that attitude are embarrassing. As a fellow Korean, I wish they would learn that one bad action doesn’t affect just themselves but also affect those around them. It’s something I’m saying as a person and a sunbae," while Chansung said, "Even when you try to avoid these kind of situations and you may seem like having a careless attitude which happens inevitably, if you don’t pay attention to others and hurt them and act like there’s no one as great as you that is careless. This is beyond a mistake and just proves that you’re that type of person. Have some shame." Tiger JK expressed his support towards Nichkhun's tweet by saying, "Not everybody like that bro. Keep speaking that truth tho!" Fans also expressed their feelings towards this situation, recalling Zico's attitude as, "Irresponsible," "they forgot how to act in an interview" and "where's their professionalism?" This incident has definitely arisen some hot topics again over Block B's capability to handle or being involved in controversies. After the incident, all the members expressed individually their apologies on the group's daum cafe. Zico wrote, "I am deeply sorry for what our bad behaviour caused in Thailand due to the flood going on. Despite of being an adult, I feel sorry of my actions, I was ridiculous and ignorant. There's no excuse that can grant me forgiveness. I am deeply sorry once again." Jaehyo expressed his apology saying, "I feel sorry and I deeply apologize bending my head down. I am so sorry for the citizens in Thailand. And I feel sorry for the Koreans, for having dishonored the image of our country. As the hyung and older man of the group, I didn't act properly and assumed the responsibility for what was going on. I feel embarrased of myself and I'm gonna reflect for what we caused with this offense." Also, members Taeil and Kyung wrote their apology stating that, "they should be in charge of the younger members instead of not paying attention," and also that, "we were extremely careless, we feel sorry and we deeply apologize for this incident. Our playful personality wasn't appropiate this time." [ATTACH=CONFIG]118620[/ATTACH] What do you think about this whole situation?
  9. :-) May I reply all message with my smile. Anyway, the new friend : Coolpapa sent the correct message to me. To love each other, even when we hate each other. No running. Ever! Nobody walks out. No matter what happens. That we'll take care of each other, even when we're old, and smelly, and senile. And... if I get Alzheimer's and forget you It's the man who lead the sereis promise to the woman for married with the post-it. Thank you everyone and thank again for accept my request friend. I will keep forward to learning the engilsh language. Have a nice day! Jena
  10. or... That we'll take care of each other, even when we're old, and smelly, and senile. And... if I get Alzheimer's and forget you

  11. To love each other, even when we hate each other. No running. Ever! Nobody walks out. No matter what happens....... Is that the sentence?

  12. Japamerican!! Thank you so much. For the smell, I thought it's mean we will love each other when we have a bad smell. (maybe when they old) Onece again, Thank you! and Starmash Thank for your answer howerver I don't understan your dirty joke. Please stay away from me. I will be the one who love to learn about english language and I try to my best. That not funny you done.
  13. Hi, I was watched the sereis Gray's Anatomy and remember the sentence about.. To love each neither even hate each neither. That's will take care each other evern old, smell seanail foever. I'm not sure how is correct, please complete it for me. Thank you.
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