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  1. This Has gone beyond a joke! I am going to be the "man" and walk away from this silly forum escapade. Have fun Talking to yourself. Khob Khun Khap for the enlightening experience.
  2. Well you know what they say, it takes one to know one! A forum troll with an obsession for ladyboys, due to the aversion towards their own sexual orientation. "(and guess what? that aint me!)"
  3. I am bored of this little baby.....i think someone should change his nappy before he gets a rash.
  4. Overheard in Thailand: Stramash is in with the ladyboys, they love his sort...if he tries to fight, they will tickle his willy!!
  5. Your to good for me! Your stats prove it!! I Surrender!
  6. Someones ass is burning tonight!
  7. Ouch! I guess i should jump on the TESOL bandwagon!!
  8. I only deem actions that are necessary, therefore useless is bypassed. I have a special advisor that deals with my anus, they do not wipe, they lick. Maybe you should follow by example.
  9. Yes if you would click the link, and copy and paste the contents to this thread. Thank you very much!
  10. Whats the link? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitly You +1'd this publicly. bitly (formerly bit.ly) is a URL shortening and bookmarking service owned by bitly, Inc., a betaworks company. The current CEO is Peter Stern
  11. I have just returned to the UK after 4 weeks in Thailand (where did the time go?) Amazing Country! Amazing People! Any news on job opportunites, please inform me
  12. 3 weeks to go and i will be in thailand for 3 weeks ...good times. Is it possible to post photos on this site? I would love to share some for everybody I guess i will have to sign up to photobucket??
  13. Welcome! I wonder what could be digesting in that belly of his!???
  14. It all seems like a lot of effort.....unless you have a multi-national company to help you....I guess i will be sticking to the holidays for now....
  15. Some good ideas....I guess i will just wait for something to play out, i couldnt see my self doing a educational visa.....
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