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  1. Gyms in BKK seems to super-expensive when not a full-fledged member. Last time i was to pay 1000+ THB for a daypass at WOW ? FitnessFirst was almost the same. Isnt there any "hardcore" gyms with proper weights to a decent price ? my problem is im in bangkok 3-5 days every month so rarely makes sense to buy a full membership.
  2. Yes it sounded very odd, the 2M THB is also what ive read and heard, so must have misunderstood something here. Thanks alot.
  3. Maybe you worry without a reason here ? think its perfectly OK to talk with friends about things like that. But worst case, just be honest about your worries and tell her that its important for you to make sure she didnt misunderstand you and thought you asked her for money, but that you only shared the story. Nothing wrong that
  4. Got 3 more questions : a) Whats the best online resource for posting job-ads and getting staff ( IT developers ) in bangkok ? anyone care to elaborate on the biggest differences in working-mentality when dealing with thai-staff ? im thinking about if there are any issues (in general ) with loyality, work-effort, reliabilty - difficulties in general in thailand ? c) anywhere i can get some idea of salary level in certain IT fields ? I know that is very dependant on who you work with etc., what im thinking is the rules of thumb doing business in thailand.
  5. I heard that you can create a personal company in thailand, with one work-permit ( 1 foreigner only ) for like 500-1000 USD ? is that true ? What im looking at is to start up a smaller IT company with a small team of developers based in ex. bangkok, if anyone know about how this can be done the cheapest way ( and create the possibility of workepermit and residence permit ) im all ears. Also interested if anyone here is or know a good lawyer thats not too expensive in relation to starting up a company ? cheers,
  6. Some of those has to be photoshopped. But scary how obvious the steroids usage is, and in my opinion also scary that women will go that far to gain muscle-mass when it clearly add male features to them besides just mass.
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