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  1. Anyway, I hardly speak any thai but if you can speak english to a certain degree I can help you out. No charge at all
  2. You could show me around thailand and I'll help you with your english for free
  3. Duck is an animal which is shown in this picture http://www.wallpaperpimper.com/wallpaper/Animal/Bird_Water_and_Shore/White-Duck-At-Belper-1-ZDWQPDP3L0-1280x1024.jpg In terms of action, duck is to avoid something that is coming towards you, usually with great speed or force by going downwards for example squatting
  4. Hi there, I'd be glad to help whenever I can! We could chat over the internet or internet call if you fancy. Just simple talking about our day would be good. I think I could use a chatting friend! Do drop me a pm if you are interested!
  5. If you ever drop by to Singapore, let me know! I could tour you around and practice English over some coffee or food. No professional charges of course
  6. Hello Silicacarbide,

    Introduce yourself in the forums!

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