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  1. Mine is that I take some time when swimming to hold my breath and try to slow my heart down as much as I can, and then breath really deeply when I come up for air.
  2. yes.Stress or emotional eating, to me, is impulse eating. Impulse because one does not think before diving into the food of choice. This type of eating is almost done unconsciously, usually ending in remorse or more unhealthy food choices.â€
  3. mayya

    Favorite games?

    My favorite game in casino gaming is blackjack.its a game is liked by me because bonus points are awarded in this game & also it can be played in mobile also.
  4. My favourite is actually Lord of the Rings trilogy, but since it's alreadt been put down, I'll put down one of my other favourites! Naked Gun trilog...
  5. Hello mayya,

    Introduce yourself in the forums!

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