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  1. You have a video, that clearly state they do not speak thai any of them, there are a video without the speakers and certainly they do not speak any kind of thai that I understand, why do You think it has been filmed in Thailand ? And as You can read from several of the comments the clip has been known for years now, even om facebook... And by the way as I never ever ever would be using a woman in the sex industry - I have a hard time figuring out why that would make me stop eating schrimp ?? For the record, I am against fishermen drifting around being dead at the beaches, stop doing that, I am against mens right to buy a woman for sexual pleasures, hence I am against the sexual trading and human trafficking - I am against all kind of stoning or whipping of unfaithful women (or men, as it is practiced in a great part of the muslim world) - I am against non environmentally safe and sound food production I am against the burning of fossil fuels - But I still like to eat schrimp, and not many places in the world do I get better tasting seafood than in Thailand... .
  2. My impression is that burmeese working in any industry here are treated like ****, but obviously better than in Burma, or I would recon they would stay home and work... And yes in the industrial world the sea is filled with all kinds of nasty things, Japaneese fishermen died from eating too much fish, as it was filled with heavy metals... In Europe peoples die from earlier harmless deceases, because pinicillin is no more effecient, after we have been filling it into our food production animals, or men loose the ability to reproduce, because production in the fields are filled up with strawshortener... Europe send all the dangerous waste to Africa and India to be dismantled, and at the same time try to impose strict ecological production to poorer countries, it is double standards at least... I love seafood, and as I am an old man, and always have been living my life on the edge (I was born in a highly industrialized country, where production animals never ever come in contact with each other or the fresh air outside the big plants they live in) - I like to think : Death needs a reason, why not food that I like... Then at least I do not harm my liver and brain from drinking or my lungs from smoking... .
  3. So the guy dont want to pay more but put a shitload of expenses to the fisherman in Thailand I will continue to support my local prawnseller at the local marked, as I really really do like food with prawns, and this story do not change that part a bit... I would not think it is nessesary to traffic burmeese peoples into working on a prawntrawler too, as they actually immigrate illigally into the country in search of work... So an article that is targeted towards moving consumers from Thailand to Europe/US... nice try... Ecology tried that years back in Denmark, telling everyone how bad non ecological food was - it backfired and I suspect that a story like this will do just that... .
  4. OH and by the way : http://www.goldpricethai.com/ .
  5. I am very sure I never would buy gold in MBK, unless I had a goldsmith as companion... If You want to be absolutely 100% sure that it actually is the real deal in Thailand, then You have to go to Yaworat (Chinatown) there are 4 big corner shops - those are guaranteed to be the real thing, and You will see many many thais in there, the que lines near chinese new year especially are sometimes out on the street... .
  6. Some kids don't get the motivation from the home, and some kids get frustrated if things are not logical (their logic)... If the kid is more interested in computers and games than to learn - then maybe the curricula needs an overhaul ? I am thinking that most things now a days can be found in google, so if a kid need to find the answer to a particular assignment, maybe suggest them to search in google, for the answer and also for illustrations to support the answer ? that could be a different way to teach too... if a game is just a game, try to change it to a game with educational value - I know they are out there... The kids will - almost no matter what they will be at a later age, need the knowledge and skills in using a computer, finding information using google and wikipedia(s)... And if You tell them that You can only evaluate answers in english or chineese - well then they would need to be able to practice those skills too... In Denmark where I was born, everything is today online, if You need a loan in the bank - use netbanking... If You want to buy something, go to the online shop, TV is digital same with radio, You get it from the internet... If You need to move to another part of the country, do it online, apply for schools and kindergarden, online - even the elderly they have to contact the ampur and government online... (that is new not yet implemented)... if they need special care or economic help to get heating at home, get food or even a nurse... Maybe these kids will not have that future, but I am almost certain that their kids will have something similar to the danish system, and well why not make kids with disorders become the specially skilled - before anyone else can do it by heart These are just thoughts - I am sure that You are a good teacher and loved by other kids, I do not agree that You should say "mai bpen rai" to kids who hit You, as they should not accept to get hit... No matter how Your world will be going on, I wish You all the luck and happiness that You can get .
  7. Jos_38


    I had a brother in law on Queen Savang hospital in Sri Racha - and while we visit him, I also went to the "beach" and yes sure enough there is to the left of the hospital 2 small strips of sand that might qualify as "beach" and to the right (a bit from the hospital) there is kind of an island with some very rocky (and I think man made) beachy thing, but then - looking over the ocean, there are VERY big ships, and there are at least 2 big piers with a load of trucks running to and from way out in the sea. Just south of Sri Racha (3-5 km) is the biggest harbour in Thailand Laem Chabang, anyone going towards Pattaya, Jomtien and Rayong know that harbour as the place where traffic becomes very heavy and there are more big trucks on the road than normal cars... They also have an oil refinery or gas (I am not sure, not an expert and just see the big tanks) - so I would personally never ever jump into the sea from any rock or bit of sand in Sri Racha - I would think pollution is way too heavy... When I look at the shoreline to the south east of Bangkok, I would personally get south of Rayong before submerging my sensitive skin in the seawater... On the westcoast I would get south of Hua Hin... .
  8. And answers to the post... 1. I have never seen a oneway street in Thailand 2. Yes I do, at least some fruits not banana and oranges 3. No I do not, no thainess there, I go all the way and get my drivers license back the next day... 4. No - But I am beginning to like Isuzu D-Max 5. Yes I can 2009 when I got married 6. it is, shorts are only for casual wear 7. I wouldn't know as I never had a bargirl next to me, and never saw anyone who actually did eat bugs 8. Never tried that too 9. Wine is never the right choice, that goes with white, red or rose 10. My wife never said that, and I would think I would reply with "Whaaa aa aa aaaa aat ??" 11. I never did meet a bargirl, or at least I never met someone saying she was a bargirl, and never met anyone with a deadly ill mother, I think I would show some compassion when I do... 12. My wife do have a family and sure as I do, she also have a great loyalty towards the family, she do not have kids (I do), she never married before (I have been) - She and her family do not have a buffalo and there are no pets in the family too, no goldfish... 13. it is, no one in the world is important enough to actually NEED a mobile... 14. Not in temples and houses 15. I have racing pedals they hurt Your feet actually, so no I don't 16. I always enjoyed songkhran, with themple going in the morning, and then food with the extended family 17. I will never become an expert of that for sure, I do have an eiffeltower for sale but apart from that... nope... 18. I never tried to date with a gold selling lady, probably a great aproach though, at least an icebreaker 19. Dogs are dogs, better leave them that way, then they will not disturb my circles too 20. The writer of this list do not seem overly intelligent, so no not yet 21. Not possible, I am not driving an 18 wheeler 22. If I am having an emergency situation yeah why not 23. No never go to a bar, balloons or no balloons 24. Sure... sanambin (airport - get the hell back to Your hole in the dessert kind of thing) 25. It is, unless Your watch have a calendar function, as some peoples actually plan ahead not from beer to beer 26. Nope I like the sun too so not really thai there too I am sure I do have, and any other -ness .
  9. It's always a great idea to post Your source, in this case it's possible to fina a stickboy posting from way back in 2009 - being quite similar... http://www.stickboydaily.com/travel/you-know-youve-been-in-thailand-too-long-when/ But I would think digging beyond page 1 of google would give some older versions even... So just a polite question as to where did YOU find it ? .
  10. Thaisong : ใจคอ, พลพล (yes I can sing it, I would think I can play it also, it's not advanced music) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-RIxGF4N1Q English : wonderful tonight, Eric Clapton (yes I can both sing and play it) Danish : Kvinde min, Gasolin (all danish can sing this, if they are older than 45 - I am 100% sure I can play it too) Swedish : Älska mej nu, Björn Afzelius (yes I can sing it, and play it too) .
  11. Fate or Karma same thing different words... in my oppinion, yes I believe if I do good, I get some kind of reward it may be a personal "reward" just knowing I did a good thing, it might be a smile from an old person I help, or it may be getting help from someone, when I need it... I believe that by doing good, I earn (eventually) good... Doing not so good, or even bad, I will end up in a "bad" spiral, to some that is still doing good, just not to me... But I firmly believe the wast majority of peoples do not intend "bad", so hey will do bad in an effort to do good or better... .
  12. Jos_38


    No - I believe that if "we" want to keep this site as clean as possible, then do NOT ignore it, but surely ignore the sender
  13. Got this one 45 minutes ago : ________________________________________ Hello very expensive Let me contact you by email, as this is the only way i have for the moment to be able to contact you. I'm actually looking for a trustworthy person in whom i could confide and bind a business partnership. I Miss Erica TAGRO the girl home Offline Fire Mr. Désiré TAGRO, former minister of state, and former Spokesperson door of the former Government of the Republic of the Ivory Coast. My father was killed killed at close range by a bullet in the mouth by the army of the government during the war here in Ivory Coast. For more information on the assassination of my father, you can visit this link : and then a link Before the war, my father met me handing me papers and told me that he deposited in a trunk in a diplomatic security company here in Ivory Coast, the sum of 5,000,000 euros (Five million), and he said that they are family jewelry that contains the malle.et that it is the Director General of the security company he said the real content of the trunk. My father told me that he had filed this fortune in my name in the security company because illegitimate seen the report in which he was bearing, and that i will being denied its rightful home, and if he ever lose their lives during this war, he would not believe that i am well treated by law as his wife all his other children. I would like to solicit your partnership to assist me to retrieve this legacy that my my late father left me in the company and help me invest this money in your country in an industry that you think would be beneficial. I await your response in my Email: erica.tag777........... God bless you, Erica. __________________________ it's GOT to be translated by bing, I can't believe that google translate could do such a bad job after all... I guess Erica will be a shortlived profile
  14. From reading the profile I would guess "homo sapiens feminini" .
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