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  1. Some kids don't get the motivation from the home, and some kids get frustrated if things are not logical (their logic)... If the kid is more interested in computers and games than to learn - then maybe the curricula needs an overhaul ? I am thinking that most things now a days can be found in google, so if a kid need to find the answer to a particular assignment, maybe suggest them to search in google, for the answer and also for illustrations to support the answer ? that could be a different way to teach too... if a game is just a game, try to change it to a game with educational value - I know they are out there... The kids will - almost no matter what they will be at a later age, need the knowledge and skills in using a computer, finding information using google and wikipedia(s)... And if You tell them that You can only evaluate answers in english or chineese - well then they would need to be able to practice those skills too... In Denmark where I was born, everything is today online, if You need a loan in the bank - use netbanking... If You want to buy something, go to the online shop, TV is digital same with radio, You get it from the internet... If You need to move to another part of the country, do it online, apply for schools and kindergarden, online - even the elderly they have to contact the ampur and government online... (that is new not yet implemented)... if they need special care or economic help to get heating at home, get food or even a nurse... Maybe these kids will not have that future, but I am almost certain that their kids will have something similar to the danish system, and well why not make kids with disorders become the specially skilled - before anyone else can do it by heart These are just thoughts - I am sure that You are a good teacher and loved by other kids, I do not agree that You should say "mai bpen rai" to kids who hit You, as they should not accept to get hit... No matter how Your world will be going on, I wish You all the luck and happiness that You can get .
  2. Got this one 45 minutes ago : ________________________________________ Hello very expensive Let me contact you by email, as this is the only way i have for the moment to be able to contact you. I'm actually looking for a trustworthy person in whom i could confide and bind a business partnership. I Miss Erica TAGRO the girl home Offline Fire Mr. Désiré TAGRO, former minister of state, and former Spokesperson door of the former Government of the Republic of the Ivory Coast. My father was killed killed at close range by a bullet in the mouth by the army of the government during the war here in Ivory Coast. For more information on the assassination of my father, you can visit this link : and then a link Before the war, my father met me handing me papers and told me that he deposited in a trunk in a diplomatic security company here in Ivory Coast, the sum of 5,000,000 euros (Five million), and he said that they are family jewelry that contains the malle.et that it is the Director General of the security company he said the real content of the trunk. My father told me that he had filed this fortune in my name in the security company because illegitimate seen the report in which he was bearing, and that i will being denied its rightful home, and if he ever lose their lives during this war, he would not believe that i am well treated by law as his wife all his other children. I would like to solicit your partnership to assist me to retrieve this legacy that my my late father left me in the company and help me invest this money in your country in an industry that you think would be beneficial. I await your response in my Email: erica.tag777........... God bless you, Erica. __________________________ it's GOT to be translated by bing, I can't believe that google translate could do such a bad job after all... I guess Erica will be a shortlived profile
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    Good old music

    I think quite a few of those good ol rockers were classical dropouts... When I am working, I normally is I listen to very hard rock, Rammstein, Metalica, Iron Maiden and those guys... Recently I stumbled up on a band I didn't even knew existed (I have the cutest young girl friend (unfortunately not girlfriend) who got me interested in this band) - if You do not know them - say hello to X-Japan... This one I like to listen to, I haven't got a clue about the lyrics - even partly english http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH-dWu0e13k - from 1997 "Last live" sadly a few month later the guitarist Hide killed himself by accident... But here is a new version of the band, some (critics) say more commercial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi6R1tVGk60 enjoy
  4. Jos_38

    Good old music

    For a short while my brain went : maybe cigarsmoking aint that bad... .
  5. Jos_38

    Good old music

    My all time favorite Ian Andersson solo - from Bouree - but I would have liked the full song... Put more sense into the solo I think... But here is the "real" Bouree : When I was young and my fingers still smooth (not cramped up by keyboards) I was able to play the Bach version... As for Your thread here, well I may be a little older but after 1980 - I think music got destroyed by electrons... I like the good ol style I remember this one as one of the first songs I had on my Phillips Cassette : But I am a great fan of Bob Dylan too, often he don't interpret Bob Dylan the best recently (Amnesty International 50 years "birthday") a lot of artist gave their version of Dylan songs, and I really like this one, from that that record : .
  6. Thanks for your Thumbs Up! Hope that this group will attract some dinosaurs and some greenhorns who like dinosaurs ;)

  7. The area around Amphawa has some interesting historical sites too, on the same side of the river (mae klong river) next to the floating market is King Rama II garden, here are some interesting buildings and museeums from the beginning af the Chakri period... A bit up stream on the other side of the river, You will find Wat Bang Kung and a soldier camp, this is one of the first strongholds build by King Thaksin (predecessor of King Rama I) to defend against the burmeese that had burnt down Ayutthaya and made the siameese flee south, eventually to settle in Thon Buri... The Temple Wat Bang Kung has a small temple building totally engulfed inside a tree... This area of the river holds some of the largest freshwater stingrays recorded in the world, upto 750 pounds... To the south of Amphawa, is the old city of Samut Songkhram, or Mahachai as it is also known as... Here You will be able to see a train driving straight through the shops at the Mahachai marked... That is... ehm... different, if You happen to find amusement in prolonged train travel, it is possible to get onboard the train in Wong Wian Yai station, cross the river chin by ferry, and get on the train again, and then end up in Mahachai - it's only 60 km, but the speed of the train makes it a 2-3 hour journey... When entering the marked be careful sticking out You head of the train windows, You will likely hit an aircondition fan... it's THAT close to the buildings... Amphawa : http://www.amphawafloatingmarket.com Rama II garden : http://www.thailandguidebook.com/central-thailand/samut-songkram/king-rama-ll-memorial-park.html Wat Bang Kung : http://bangkokdaytours.com/thaitemples/wat_bang-kung.html Fishing for larger fish than Bpla duk : http://www.fishsiam.com/stingray-fishing-maeklong-river-for-giant-freshwater-stingrays-514.html About the slippers and sandals that rule, in my knowledge, only apply to Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, but I have actually been viviting Wat Phra Kaew in sandals without getting stopped... Add to shopping, there is a newly open night marked at the riverside, called Asiatique, it's on the old East Asiatic Company place on Pier S2 (go south from Thaksin Bridge) if You are not too old and the que is long, walk the distance about 2 km, I have done it a couple of times http://www.thaiasiatique.com/en/index.php And in the far north of the express route boat is Nonthaburi pier, that is next to the very famous prison Bang Kwang (Bangkok Hilton) - if that is an interest of Yours, it is possible to visit prisonors, but You have to make an appointment in good time before hand, and do not expect Your visit to be overly pleasent... http://www.bangkwang.net/ If You get a boat and ask for Kho Kret, a bit further up stream, You will get to an OTOP village located on an manmade island (when the canal (klong Kret) was dug out in 1722) - the village is very famous for it's pottery, they have huge ovens build around the pottery... Very interesting if You like that kind of stuff ofcause .
  8. Jos_38

    Life in a forign land

    Great blog - I think that "pretty" translate to "น่ารัก" and I looked at Your profile, You are (as You also imply in the blog) not a big woman, I have never been to NZ but my impression is that peoples there are as big as in Europe, so You would be small and "pretty" there As long as You don't hide anything from Your husband (and he is not jealoux ofcause) You should enjoy the fact that "Ronan" is showing an interest, as You at least know it will never be anything else... Ofcause You have to also tell "Ronan" that his loneliness is really not Your problem, and I can easily relate to Your wish that he find someone special to let his heart towards... You sure sound like a woman who don't just give up and many thumbs up to that, I will be looking forward to read more from Your hand .
  9. My wife has gone more or less berserk in gardening, and to be honest plants in captivity never really interested me, so I forget to give them water, she often forget too because she arrive home quite late, so now I came up with this idea of doing a semiautomatic watering system, does anyone know where to buy : Arduino Uno Card GSM or Ethernet Breakout boards (GSM preferred, then she can send the system an SMS not me ) thin plastic tubing magnetic valve Solar panel for 5V the rest I think I know where to get .
  10. Jos_38


    I do not know if anyone is interested, need TEFL and be native english speaker, salery is maybe not top of the pops, but hey, come on 5-12 "primarily female, university students" who cares about salery http://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/edu/3208274055.html .
  11. Yep looks and no brain can last the night... .
  12. The headline is a quote from one of my favorite พลพล songs... But now phua thai politician Sunai Julphongsathorn suggests that poor thaiwomen, marry a german, swede or norweigian (they never suggest danes ) He is looking to get a lot of wotes in the future I am sure .
  13. Yep... It does, but what and who I find beautiful is not necessarily same as any other guys prefs. I tend to go for petite and kind of nerdy
  14. Hi there

    Welcome onboard to TF, ask in the forum for advice is probably going to give You a lot more answers, there are some major destinations in Thailand, so You would need to be a bit more specific about where and what...

    Holidayhouse... Yeah well... First thing You should know is that You can not own the land that the house is build on, so there is a risk that it will turn out to not be such a great idea... A holiday condominium is a possibility though...


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    a stone

    Yeah nice song
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