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  1. love experience freedom. i wonder how many words there are in total?
  2. Some u.s. cities are horribly with their english. Try going down south and understanding some red neck slang or going to a major metropolitan city where a good percentage of the people do not understand english too well. Now compare that to cities outside the u.s. in a country like norway. 69% are proficient with english, but a certain city in norway (and i am just throwing this out there because i dont really know), but a certain city might have 91% in norway. That beats some u.s. cities where the proficiency % could be 85%
  3. Jos I agree with you that honesty is another key to a successful marriage. If you read my post carefully i said loyalty is A key component. Not that it was the only one BOL bud
  4. Congrats man! I am wishing I can retire by the time I am 40, but I dont see it happening. BOL bud
  5. If this thread was to go by cities, then several u.s. cities would lose to non-u.s. cities around the world.
  6. I'll just have my usual. Green tea macha cappuccino, made with honey and 2% milk - delicious!!!
  7. Its better than marrying some woman who opens her legs to another guy 2 weeks after marriage. Loyalty is a key component to a marriage.
  8. Welcome UserSam,

    Enjoy yourself on Thailand Friends

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