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  1. Oh. I see. I will try to leave out my weakness ( donot care much abt mistakes & go ahead with my own aiblity in Eng ) and ready to be adivsed in Eng. I'd like to give my thanks to u for ur kindness. U are my first friend here.. About my pofile, its due to I just created new acc in this website yesteday, donot have enough time to re-view & fill more information abt myself. When I have time, I will re-decorate my profile wall. Have you been in Vietnam before, Dan ? Did you join in the war many years ago ? Do you have any Vietnamese friends ?
  2. Hi Dan -san. Tks very much for your reply. I know which level of my Eng is & I am not good at Eng written since my Eng grammar is quite bad. I always make mistakes when writing. Actually, I joint this site to make friends with Thai People ( I want to learn & know more about Thai's people & culture ). But it is very grate to have a chance to meet & chat with others around the world too, just like you. But I prefer to chat with non-native Eng speakers than native ones. Cause I feel a bit embarrassed when I chat with native ones. it feels like if I make mistakes in writing, then
  3. Hi. I'm from Vietnam. This is the first time Ive jointed in this kind of forum. I'd like to make friends with all people. Well, I really do not know how to start at first as a new comer. Another thing, I also want to improve my Eng since it is not so good. Very pleasant to be one of your friends.Tks.
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