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  1. also a heavy smoker for 25 years. going on 2 years off now. to be honest, it seemed too easy. still kinda waiting for it to be difficult.. i think the trick was i never really told myself i'd actually quit. i just happened to be away from a shop for 2 days ..so i endured that, and then from there pushed one week into two weeks into a month into 2 months. before i knew it it was a year and more. anyways good luck.
  2. yeah, but his mum's a c*nt. No wonder you're so popular.
  3. "I laughed at a woman with HIV because my mom told me to." That's not very nice is it.
  4. Zleepy

    My mom on facebook !!!

    Posted by fedor .. I friended your mama lol.. i did too.
  5. Bobby boogies. well done. nice pics. Sorry I missed this one. Would be nice to catch up.
  6. i used to fly bkk/samui twice a month for work for 2 years. And I'd have to say that some of landings were often quite frightening (especially in the jets) .. Is the runway shorter than average or something? I'm sure it is.
  7. another dent in the prospective tourist numbers
  8. Zleepy

    Do you believe in love?

    love to live or live to love ... ?
  9. but you'll probably be billed for it. :evil:
  10. funny story by the way. and as Rick James said 'cocaine's one hell of a drug'...
  11. why the distinction between an "English teacher" and a "kindergarten teacher". Or is there a new goo-goo-ga-ga foreign language being taught that later prepares them for their English classes?..
  12. I think we all want peace ultimately. Let's hope so.
  13. 'this' planet? no, i'm not from your planet.
  14. And I'm sure you know a whole lot about Kentucky.. I'm surprised there's no mention of KFC. Is that from Scotland also?
  15. " ·ÓäÃÃÒªÇÔ¹Ôµà ÃØè¹¹Õ餹˹éÒµÒ´Õà ÂÃèѧ.. " â´Âà ©¾Òä¹ãÊèáÇè¹¹Ñé¹ÃéÒ»Ò¡ÊÇ´Õ i went to my highschool reunion 10 years after.. was kinda fun..Though I would guess it was less than 10% of students turned up.
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