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  1. also a heavy smoker for 25 years. going on 2 years off now. to be honest, it seemed too easy. still kinda waiting for it to be difficult.. i think the trick was i never really told myself i'd actually quit. i just happened to be away from a shop for 2 days ..so i endured that, and then from there pushed one week into two weeks into a month into 2 months. before i knew it it was a year and more. anyways good luck.
  2. yeah, but his mum's a c*nt. No wonder you're so popular.
  3. "I laughed at a woman with HIV because my mom told me to." That's not very nice is it.
  4. Zleepy

    My mom on facebook !!!

    Posted by fedor .. I friended your mama lol.. i did too.
  5. Bobby boogies. well done. nice pics. Sorry I missed this one. Would be nice to catch up.
  6. i used to fly bkk/samui twice a month for work for 2 years. And I'd have to say that some of landings were often quite frightening (especially in the jets) .. Is the runway shorter than average or something? I'm sure it is.
  7. another dent in the prospective tourist numbers
  8. Zleepy

    Do you believe in love?

    love to live or live to love ... ?
  9. but you'll probably be billed for it. :evil:
  10. funny story by the way. and as Rick James said 'cocaine's one hell of a drug'...
  11. why the distinction between an "English teacher" and a "kindergarten teacher". Or is there a new goo-goo-ga-ga foreign language being taught that later prepares them for their English classes?..
  12. I think we all want peace ultimately. Let's hope so.
  13. 'this' planet? no, i'm not from your planet.
  14. And I'm sure you know a whole lot about Kentucky.. I'm surprised there's no mention of KFC. Is that from Scotland also?
  15. " ·ÓäÃÃÒªÇÔ¹Ôµà ÃØè¹¹Õ餹˹éÒµÒ´Õà ÂÃèѧ.. " â´Âà ©¾Òä¹ãÊèáÇè¹¹Ñé¹ÃéÒ»Ò¡ÊÇ´Õ i went to my highschool reunion 10 years after.. was kinda fun..Though I would guess it was less than 10% of students turned up.
  16. that's terrible. who is singing??
  17. Zleepy


    çYes, nobody wants to fight everyday! (*and some friendly help ja.. á¨é§ãËé·ÃÒº is best translated as the verb 'to inform'. Whereas 'information' as a noun translates as '¢éÃÃÙÅ' which, as you can see, has a different meaning).
  18. Against All Odds. Terrible movie (with an even worse phil collins theme song), but the car chase was kinda fun with jeff bridges/james woods porsche/ferrari through traffic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElVLfd9rapE
  19. Maybe just re-bill it and present the whole thing as a masterpiece - "An Exhibition of Woe: 6 floors of abstract stupidity, paying homage to a complete absence of thought, direction and reason."
  20. Bilk is just too weird... but i'm sure for anyone curious enough to know, just make your own. 1 part beer, 2 parts milk should be suffice. Bilk!
  21. Zleepy


    i concur - smoking alcohol is dangerous! the fifh pic has great tones in the face.. oh.. and i think i see something up your nose.
  22. Yeah, i read that when it was published and was quite pleased to see it was written by a Thai. "Can you see the light? What light?".. (Blues Brothers)
  23. does Mr Potter have a spell for that too T? threadiamus expelliarmus perhaps?? Anyway, back to the topic; Despite the narrow minded views of a minority, I thought Slumdog was an excellent film. Sure, you have to suspend belief at points, but that's the point of most films. It is a big feelgood movie, which aren't usually my particular faves, but I did enjoy this. If you think this is too sweet for you then I highly recommend you avoid Boyle's other movie 'Millions' as it really is OTT in the saccharine stakes.. tea anybody?? I would have thought a simple "I didn't like it because......" woul
  24. i deleted my post, the one that you have quoted above.. because i'd already decided that it's really a waste of time. And now it's only becoming clearer that u really are a piece of work.. You're really enjoying every little opportunity to allow your 'witty little comebacks' aren't you? hehe Yes, and before wish it to me again, i'm having a good day. but thanks all the same.
  25. Come on don't be a bleeding ****. Where are the rules to that?? I'm sure those who don't want to be spoiled won't read it. Simple as that, or isn't it?? Either way, please put your handbag away and try not swing in my direction. It's really not necessary. wasn't a handbag...was a 4 by 2... express your opinion on the film, fair enough, but people will read half of it before they realise some whiny little **** had spoiled the film for them by divulging most of the story... there's no rules to it... just common sense and respect for people... I went to the cinema for one of my birthdays t
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