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  1. johnstephen1

    What is your Most Romantic Places in Bangkok?

    What about "BANYAN TREE BANGKOK".
  2. The Heat i'm so excited for this movie.
  3. johnstephen1


    Dementia is big problem in current days. Many old age people suffering from this. One of my friend's mother also faced this situation near about one year ago. That was so painful moments to them but something improvement there. Have anybody's have heard this kind of issue for your relatives and in your circle. Dementia Care Plan
  4. johnstephen1

    Which movie would you like to see? (2)

    It's Killing me Softly. I love to watch this movie.
  5. johnstephen1

    What is better, Skype or Vonage?

    Skype is better. I always prefer to use it.
  6. johnstephen1

    Favorite games?

    Call of Duty and Crisis 3.