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  1. Thanks. It's been hit or miss, the download and upload speed changes dramatically every half hour or so. Sometimes I get 7-8 mbps, only to get 3-4 mbps after an hour with 0.5 mbps upload. Sometimes the upload freezes. It's stop and go, stop and go every few minutes. I asked the manager several times about this and yesterday he said that because they switched from DSL to Cable, True is having some problems with the box outside in the area. What kind of excuse is that I have no idea. I'll call True to see what they say. Forgot to say, I'm in Ratchada, near Rama 9.
  2. I moved into a new place, serviced apts, they installed True wifi claiming 15mbps. This must be "true" because I get 8-10 mbps on speedtest, but only during the day! At night (after 8 pm usually and always after 11 pm) the speed collapses to 2-3 mbps, and eventually dies to 0.1 mbps! Resetting the routers brings some life but only for a few minutes. This is not the result of traffic. The manager is aware of the problem and claims that True hasn't finished their work. Is this an excuse? What could possibly be causing this EVERY NIGHT this week that I've been here? Is True cutting the bandwidth or the connection at night? Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Turkish casanovas? now that's an oxymoron. anyway, these must be pretty desperate women.
  4. that's easy, simply avoid the Chinese holidays and you'll be fine. During any Chinese holiday literally millions of Chinese mainlanders swarm the island. Especially now that Taiwan is opening up to more direct flights from the mainland. I only went to Taipei, go to Danshui when you're there, you'll thank me later
  5. Thanks for joining the Good Music group! Hope you have a good time there and also at TF in general! Keep on rockin' icon_biggrin.gif

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