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  1. Thank you again for your response. I think come to Bangkok and avoid the crowd. I'll change hotel. I had to go to [email protected], but i think it is located in the heart of the event. I'm wrong? It's very kind of you to help me.
  2. Merci pour ta réponse berny66. La Thaïlande en général ne m'inquiète pas trop. C'est plutôt Bangkok. C'est la première étape de mon voyage,mais je pense à l'annuler ou à loger dans un hôtel plutôt à l'extérieur de Bangkok. Thank you for your reponse berny66. Thailand don't worry me. Jute Bangkok. Bangkok is the first step of my journey, but i think to cancel this step or stay in hotel outside Bangkok.
  3. Thank you. I'm scared now (About the explosion.) I plan not to come to Bangkok. I am full of doubt. What do ou think? Bangkok became dangerous?
  4. Kaunitz & Chatty, Thank you for your response. I'm no worried now. Kaunitz, I will follow your advice.(Ta phrase en Français était parfaite!) Chatty, if you see tourists fee events, it may be me! I look forward to coming in thailand Thank you very much.
  5. Hello, Can you help me? i'm Frenh and i' soon on vacation in Thailand. The political situation in Thailand scares me. Impossible to know f it is dangerous to come. Ca you tell me if i'm safe if i comme in Thaïlande ? I will be two day in Bangkok. After, i will go on the north. Thank you for your help.
  6. Welcome Drakin,

    Enjoy yourself on Thailand Friends

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