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  1. hello if you are serious , you have good english and you can travel to asia i can help to find a serious ladyboy just send me a private message .
  2. welcome to all asian fans you can talk to me without any problem message me i will give my whatsapp

  3. welcome to all asian fans you can talk to me without any problem

  4. and i try to promote serious relations with these very nice persons
  5. i just want to say that i am still with this person more than 3 years now
  6. if you need to talk in english to improve it just private message me i will send you email and whatsapp
  7. i have visited thailand they look very nice but they dont speak english very well , i move to philippines same climate, ladyboys but a better english level
  8. yes i have a serious relation with a ladyboy started 24 november 2013 see my post "my love for a ladyboy"
  9. Hello i want to add my testimony here I am a man who has been married on long time and i have divorced i have been searching during 3 years for a new soulmate within the women in my country a lot of deception . Finally I have been in dateinasia.com i have chat with a lot of women and one day i have met a ladyboy she ( i see her as a woman ) was so kind that after one month of skype talk i have decided to go in manilla I have met her and finally after a month with her i am so happy that i want to shout my happiness Now i am back to france (3 monthes ) and i see her every day by skype she has to take a jeepney and go to an internet cafe for that . i am waiting the time i will return every day i return in amy and june . man don t be ashamed to love a ladyboy . love is the most important that s all .you will see with the time ladyboys are more sensible and sometimes more beautifull than women . of course you can fall on a bad one but you have more chance to fall with the bad one with a woman. i think there is a lot of stories like mine
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