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  1. Perhaps they should worry less about the body image issue and instead confront the fact that much (but not all) anime propagates child pornography, albeit in cartoon form. Does this make it any less harmful? I would argue not as it makes violent sexual scenes towards children acceptable in the eyes of those who watch it. In fact, the slightly disturbed and often morally contradictory culture that exists in Japan has led to child pornography only recently being outlawed in Japan (but not in the field of anime and hentai) Hoorah I hear you shout. At least they have made it illegal. Well yes, sort of. Rather than heavy monetary penalties, possible jail sentences or inclusion on a sex offenders register, what do authorities do if they catch an individual in possession of such repugnant images? Why they give them 12 months to get rid of it before facing any prosecution. The body image issue may be perpetuated in anime but the copy cat regime of Asian youngsters is a far more recent phenomenon than anime itself. I would say that it is more the fault of the various vacuous pop scenes; from Korea to Japan to Thailand, that have brought these images of 'perfection' into the public sphere, hand in hand with the vacuous teen aimed media that highlights the various facets of these 'looks' straight into the impressionable minds of teenagers.
  2. Ms Cha does not jest. She has been spotted at Swampy arrivals bearing a large 'Farangs go Home' sign. She also started a petition to change the name of the 'tie' worldwide just because it sounds the same as 'Thai'
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