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  1. i haven't read the novel before. But i can say japan nowadays is completely diffrent from edo era, no samurai, no ninjya, no daimyo and no seppuku! But it's good to accurate the national character by its history. i recommend you to read japanese historical fiction novel written by japanese author too("Bushido" by Eiji yoshikawa, "Musashi Miyamoto" by Inazo Nitobe and etc..) maybe you've already read them though:)
  2. i wish i could date with one of them if i were a man lol thai women seems soo different from my own country women including me and that's what makes interesting to me. I heard thai women thinks "no money no love", if her bf or husband has no money or don't give her enough money they treat their men bad. Do you think most of them are like this or just a few bad girls?
  3. hello, i'm a japanese woman working in bangkok would like to meet new people here and improve my english skill. i've been here 6 months now. i can speak japanese, english and thai a little. please feel free to hi to me! thank you
  4. Here is many beautiful thai girls, and i've saw a lot of westrn guys dating with thai girls. Including their outside appearances, what do you think what makes them attractive?
  5. hello i'm a japanese i've been here three months now. And i'm wondering why so many thai guys are gay? I heard most of attractive interigence thai guys are gay. What makes them to be a gay?
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