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  1. frenchfarangbkk

    Want Long Term But No Kids, Any Woman Around ?

    So everybody wants kids it seems :-)
  2. frenchfarangbkk

    Looking for English speaking Thai lady friend

    Also interested <3
  3. frenchfarangbkk

    Is this forum still activated?

    The only thing that does not seem activated here is your intelligence :-)
  4. frenchfarangbkk

    Meeting new friends

    hello, where do you come from and where do you stay now ? Thanks.
  5. frenchfarangbkk


    No, they just cheat the ones that are too stupid and deserve it, just like people who are robbed, usually they just deserve it because of their actions.
  6. frenchfarangbkk

    How to find a good contact in Thailand

    Yes, it's true that it could help to know more about you :-)
  7. frenchfarangbkk

    why is almost of guys prefer big boobs?

    Not true ! Sensitive small boobs are so cute <3
  8. Hello, I wonder if all women want kids ? Anybody else has more interest in life but just having kids ? Do you all have kids because you want or because society wants ? I still wonder... Thank you for your insight <3