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  1. I think Thailand is facing a couple of problems tourism-wise. First, it is getting expensive. This is from a couple of factors. The first is just a general rise in prices. The second is from a very disadvantaged exchange rate vs the Euro, Pound, Dollar, etc. Its just not the bargain it used to be. Second, the country is definitly facing a bin-there-done-that reputation. It seems like they are trying to shift their tourism focus but you can't really do that from central command. The tourism department needs to find out what it is that attracts people to the country in the first place and make sure that stays as inviting as ever. Then they should work at the new things... slowly. You can't just announce that you are going to be the 'anything'-hub-of-the-world. That rarely works. Third, the country has faced some serious issues over the past 5 years that don't seem to be going away. That will make anyone cautious about visiting. It also makes the people who are here already, get very tired of the whole situation and look to leave. Which brings me to the last point. Fourth, Thailand is doing a very poor job with the tourists and expats who are already here. The smile seems to be gone from this country. The number of complaints I'm hearing these days vs the number of compliments is staggering. I don't think the tourism authority nor the gov't realize just how much business the expat community brings to Thailand in tourism. How many of us have urged friends, family and acquaintances to visit. Just count how many people you have convinced to visit and then figure that most of us do the same. Yet, I'm seeing an increasing number of people becoming disgruntled about the way they are being treated. And those people are leaving. Many of the others are no longer so enthusiastic about people they know coming over. Those are just a few points that I feel are strangling the tourism business here.
  2. The Sportsman Bar and Restaurant is looking for a few good bands. We will be introducing more live music in the months to come of various styles. So if you get the place moving, send me (Tom) and email ([email protected]) or drop by the bar.
  3. I complain about Thailand all the time. But... then again... I complain about the US all the time also. I realize that there are cultural differences here. I wish someone would explain them to me when I get upset about something. For example, why do Thai people feel its OK to jump in front of you when you cue to get on the BTS or in 7Eleven? To me, it's incredibly rude. Yes, it may sound like a complaint about Thailand. But maybe there is some Thai cultural trait that says its OK to walk in front of someone who is in line to do something. Of course, thats just one example. As Bill pointed out, westerners express themselves in a very direct way. It doesn't mean we don't like the country or Thai people. However, we do like to hear answers/reason. There are a lot of things that I still don't understand about this country and Thai culture. I try to read as much as I can and ask as many people as I can but sometimes, it seems difficult for Thais to give me a clear answer. Perhaps its because the culture doesn't require you to look at things this way. My culture teaches me to ask 'why' about everything I don't understand. And if someone can't give you a clear answer, you become suspicious. Just saying, 'this is Thai culture' is not enough. Every westerner who has lived here knows the acronym '***'. The reason we use it is because there are some things that no one seems to want to, or is able to, explain. Another example. Why do so many Thais accept corruption as a part of their life and still complain about it when it effects them? OR Why do so many Thais say they hate gossip but engage in it themselves whenever the opportunity arises? Regarding the later, every westerner (and most Thais) can give you an example of a piece of gossip that was completely untrue, yet all their Thai friends believed it and continued to spread it... even when they knew it was bad for the people involved and, they themselves, really didn't know anything about the situation? Don't get me wrong, westerners fall for this all the time. They think they 'know' something about Thailand because their Thai friend told them something... when the truth was, their Thai friend was only telling them the same rumors they hear from someone else. OK, thhis has already gotten too long. The point of the whole thing is that, I would love for some of the Thais on TF to try to explain certain things rather than get angry about, what they think is Thailand bashing. And also, to thank Dan for bringing up this topic. I would love to be able to chat with him on those days when I feel like tossing someone off a building.
  4. Welcome to TF. My suggestion, get to know Admin (P'Bill), go to a lot of events and enjoy the group. They really are a great group of people.

  5. BTW, when are you going to invite all your friends from university to come visit my bar ? I can look, I just can't touch.
  6. "I am single all the time. Confirm!!!" You may think you are single, but does 'the man' realize you feel that way? I don't know you as well as P'Bill but I think you can have a bf very easy. You are too cute and nice. Of course, maybe P'Bill will tell me something else . But for me, if I didn't have a gf already (Ok, don't think about that because I love my girlfriend)... or if I had a nice friend... you would be one of the first people I would tell them to meet.
  7. falangboy

    Siam Hotels ??!

    The brand is good and the location is good. However, it is a newly opened property and that sometimes is not the best choice with regards to service. A lot of places need about 3-6 months to put everything together. If you do stay there, try not to judge the brand too harshly. At this point, I suspect they are offering pretty good deals for their level of service for that very reason.
  8. Check out Healthland. They are probably the most professional while still being relatively inexpensive. www.healthlandspa.com
  9. It's not that uncommon Mr. Bill. As you know, my job is to people watch. I see that sort of behavior quite often... and not just from women. However, the episode you're speaking about does sound a bit more over-the-top than usual. The more interesting question is, "why were they looking for attention?"
  10. Last time I saw you, you didn't look single...
  11. K. Khanomkrok, that is very nice to say but not all farang are handsome (I'm not handsome for a long time). However, Bua is very cute... and maybe you too... but I don't know because we never met (I think). I hope you both find handsome and rich men (from anywhere) and have a happy life.
  12. Ciaran, thank you for the plug (as we say in America). Nanzy, come to The Sportsman anytime and tell me what 'you want to see/do."
  13. Nice. So when can I expect to find a good deal?
  14. I would stay home, hug my girlfriend and think about my Mom, Dad and family. What else could I do. Actually, I would probably go to work because I love my job also... but only if I knew that my gf and friends would come to visit as well.
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